The Saga Continues

Hubby and I had a really nice and rather productive weekend!

He took Friday off because it was Veteran’s Day and relaxed at the house. During the day I received a text message from Miss Rebecca who wanted some of her items. I told her that her father was home and she should text him. So she did. He put the items she wanted out on the porch plus a few things like toothpaste and my deep conditioner that didn’t belong to her.  We had a relaxing Friday night.

Fairly early on Saturday morning Miss Rebecca showed up to the house and grabbed the crockpot off the porch. It was very early for someone who always claimed to do ‘breakfast’ at her job on Saturday and Sunday so she had to have the car by 4am and she never came back home until about 7pm. That was odd.


After that, we decided on two things; we really needed a new front screen door and we really needed groceries. I admit I had stopped doing the grocery shopping in anticipation of Miss Rebecca moving out. Look, she was always the first one to open everything and I do mean everything; one day she wants Oreos so she opens the Oreos the next day she wants Chips Ahoy so she opens those forgetting about the Oreos. She’s always the first one to take the last of everything and, again, I do mean everything; she needed cream for her coffee so she used the last of it along with 8 tablespoons of sugar for said coffee. She still had the habit of leaving food in what was once her room.  So I stopped grocery shopping and only picked up small things after work on my way home.

We went to the ReStore on Saturday morning, it’s a small thrift store run by Habitat for Humanity and you can get all kinds of stuff there for your house; couches, chairs, tables, dressers, microwaves, lighting fixtures, you name it they’ve got it. We found a door for $45.00! The door it was replacing cost about 3x that amount and it crapped out ages ago. I’ll never buy another door or sliding glass doors from Home Depot again.  We strapped it to the top of the car and then took off for Stop & Shop. We bought, I kid you not, $300.00 worth of groceries. ALL of it was human food not one can of pet food or any type of cleaner. The house is becoming nicely stocked once again.  On our way home, hubby had to stop at the smoke shop for more e-juice and while we were there I actually found a vape for myself. It’s not a huge thing like hubby has but a ‘pen’ and I bought my own e-juice after being able to try a few.  I bought Bug Juice it’s a mix of watermelon, grape, with a hint of menthol because I smoked Newports or Pall Malls. Let’s hope this gets me off cigs. So far so good though it does take a bit of getting used to.

Saturday night we went to Moe’s and had burritos before going to see “Thor: Ragnarok” and had a great time. It’s a good flick, not your typical ‘Thor’ movies it’s more along the lines of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ or even ‘Deadpool’ (without the adult stuff).  No spoilers here but if you were thinking of going I’d highly suggest you do so. It was very good. We came home, we kicked back, we went to sleep.

Sunday we hung the door and it came out fine. It needs a bit of foam/caulk but all in all, for $45.00 it’s a dream come true. I mean, hey! It actually closes! Not that like other POS. LOL  We had a relaxing Sunday, he played his game, I played my FB games, then we watched some movies and he made chili which came out excellent.  We went to sleep.

At 4:41 this morning my phone lit up and vibrated. It was 4:41 I wasn’t even looking at it, I figured it was one of my Words with Friends buddies but it wasn’t. When I got up at about 6:00 and checked my phone this is what I read:

U took made clothes of mine. I want them back like MY black over coat that U assume is yours but it’s fucking now. My fucking gray socks and whatever fucking else clothes U took I want them back. U made me homeless. Give my damn clothes back.

I was still have asleep and sent back: I don’t have any clothes of yours. I’ll look for a black coat. You made yourself homeless.

I got dressed and had a peek around the house including the room she once occupied…no clothes, not really. I sent back that I did find her black coat, it had been under hubby’s coat so I didn’t see it and I found a gray shirt but no socks. I told her I put them on the porch for her.

She thanked me then asked if her cat was OK. I told her Missy was adjusting to life with the two cats and the dog.

Then I got: Is there any way you’ll let me borrow some money and I’ll pay u back n leave it in the mailbox Thursday. I haven’t been eating and I really don’t have a steady place to go to cook something. I can meet us at the bank before u go to work if u can and I would appreciate it.

That’s a far cry from the 4:41 text, don’t you think?

She said she was living in a ‘couple of houses in Groton and Ledyard’ but at the very moment she was close to my bank so she’d meet me there.

I asked what happened to the apartment and why she hadn’t gotten her money back yet. She told me the landlord is taking a while to fix the doors and windows and finish the carpet.

I told her to get her money back and find a place to live. She said it would be ready in a week or so. But in the meantime she’s broke and she hasn’t eaten in days! She gets paid on Thursday and can pay me back then.

She never pays me back. She always says she’s going to pay me back but she never does.  At that point I let hubby take over the text messaging. He told her she wasn’t getting any money but he’d drop her off a turkey sandwich and a hot bowl of chili on his way to work.

What do you know? At that exact moment her work suddenly called her in and she said she’d get something to eat there.

I guess she wasn’t looking for a hot meal just money. I wonder what she wanted it for? Hummm……. It’s a mystery. A double mystery actually, for weeks she’s claimed her phone (her new phone!) is ‘broken’ and it only sends text messages when she has access to wi-fi. If she’s standing out in the cold near the bank….where’s the wi-fi signal coming from? Strange, huh?

Mostly, I think she’s looking for one of us to open the door and let her back in so she can look for her stuff. In doing so, she’ll plant her feet and refuse to leave. This is why her stuff goes on the porch. I’m not dealing with that crap.  She’s taken almost everything she owned there’s just some junk left on the porch now so she’s either got some place to put all of it or she’s hocking what tiny bits of stuff she can get $5.00 for. Like the crockpot.

Hubby found a letter from her bank stating she’s been $7.00+change overdrawn for the past 32 days. That’s also strange since she supposedly had a ‘security account’ in which she had to keep $500.00 to keep the account open because she ripped off the last bank she used.  If the account is overdrawn and, as she’s stated all along, she has Direct Deposit on her paychecks……well, you can see why I might be a bit confused. The $500.00 is gone, obviously, (yeah, I know, if it ever existed to begin with) and I guess she doesn’t use Direct Deposit anymore either and hasn’t for a while. Where oh where did all that money go? I’m betting it wasn’t on that apartment. Because if it was and it were me I’d be bitching my head off for that landlord to let me in NOW.

I’m sorry that she may be cold and she may be hungry but I don’t feel guilty about it. If she hadn’t screwed me over time and again maybe I would feel guilty but she did and so I don’t. Perhaps, in the end, this will be the wake-up call she truly needs to take control of her own life. Perhaps she’ll realize what she had and what she lost and how she lost it. Perhaps she’ll just decide to stay cold and hungry but in the arms of that louse. That’s her decision. As long as she keeps letting him drag her down the fall will continue. Maybe one day she’ll realize he’s just a thug who never deserved her time, attention, or affection. Maybe. But it probably won’t be today.

Still, for her sake, I do hope it doesn’t take too long.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the haven of my house now that peace has returned to it. Now that I’m not always on edge waiting for the next lie to slip out of her lips. Now that I can put any item down anywhere in the house–like, I dunno, money– and know that whenever I go to get it there it will be…right where I left it. It hasn’t been ‘borrowed’ without my knowledge or permission. It hasn’t gone missing. I won’t be told something like; “Aw, mom, are you sure you even had that to begin with?” or “Mom, tie rods fall off all the time” or “Mom, I think you’re losing it”.

Good luck, Becca. We still love you. Now you have to love yourself enough to be responsible for yourself. It’s on you. Your life will be whatever you make of it. So go out there and do your best to make it good.




2 thoughts on “The Saga Continues

  1. My prayers continue for you and yours…. it’s never easy when you have to go against your instincts to protect and save.
    I’ve been there and it damn near destroyed me. I finally had to
    think of my other two younger children who DID still need me.
    Stay strong girl and keep leaning on your man. Together you will be okay. She’s gona either grow the fuck up or not. It’s not
    up to anyone else but her. You’ve got to let it be.



    1. Thank you! One thing that has been both blessing and curse about this messed up situation is having to see so many of my friends who have been through the same thing. On one hand it’s really nice to know that we’re not alone in this. On the other it sucks to know that many of the people I care about have had to live through this as well. It’s not like she’s a kid either, she’s 26 not 16. It’s past time she grew up and took responsibility. Now that we’ve stopped enabling her, with any luck at all, she’ll do just that.

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