The First Sin-III


I must admit that Dear Old Dad wasn’t the first nor the only one to dabble with this thing called Humanity. Many of His Lesser Brothers and Sisters created Their own versions of it. However, The Garden of Eden was intended to be my Father’s Crowning Glory his Grandest Creation. It was to outshine, out do, and eventually take over, the domains His Siblings had created for Themselves.

He went to great lengths to construct it and, unlike His Siblings, He did so against the advice and wishes of nearly all of His First Sons and Daughters.  The Residents of the Silver City were not at all pleased. Afraid my Brothers and Sisters might turn on Him He sent me, his Favorite Son, down to stand guard over it. He entrusted me to cultivate it and be its caretaker which I did with great joy. I tended the garden and all of its creatures until it flourished as far as the eye could see. That was when Dear Old Dad got the bright idea of creating his own version of this thing called Humanity but, of course, in His own mind He believed that His would be superior to those of His Siblings. He started with two hairless apes that He called Adam and Eve.  He placed them in the Garden under my care and protection.  Leery that my own Siblings or His would attack the new Paradise and try to destroy it, I was charged with ensuring their safety and prosperity.

Like the other Angels, I had never been allowed near the earlier versions of Humanity and so I knew nothing about them. However, it wasn’t long before I realized Dad’s new creation wasn’t anything like the others; they seemed so fragile and ill-equipped. They needed much more care and attention than any bird or beast. Patiently I taught them how to find and even build a shelter so they could keep the rain off their heads and how to build a fire so they could stay warm. I taught them the plants, which were good to eat, which were good for flavoring, and which to avoid. I taught them how to hunt, to skin, and to cook what they killed. I taught them to speak and to write in a formal language.  It took some time but I smoothed out a lot of the rough edges and they grew strong under my care but, for all I’d taught and shown them, they didn’t really get any smarter. They did not seem curious. They did not ask questions. They merely imitated the things I showed them.

Slowly I began to wonder what was so special about them that Dad had gone so far out of His way to create them. They were interesting little novelties but compared to Angels Humanity fell far short of the mark. Yet, I did my duty and faithfully kept my watch over them.

Adam seemed comparable to what Dad named a buffalo. He was always roaming and running into things like a blind bull. He was completely graceless as he bumbled about with his penis swinging in the breeze gobbling down everything edible he could get his hands on. When he wasn’t doing that he was bending Eve over and going at her with that free swinging dick with the same lack of grace. If he wasn’t doing that he was sleeping. The man seemed utterly useless to me.

Eve, on the other hand, was Adam’s exact opposite; she was sweet, she seemed to glow with some of inner light and she didn’t just walk around the garden but rather seemed to float just above the rich soil at her bare feet.  As she wandered naked to the world she stopped to smell each flower, to admire it, even to talk to the plants and the beasts that never hesitated to greet her as they moved in for the soft touch of her hand upon their hides.  I began to notice how that light faded away whenever Adam snatched his arm out for her and had his way. I began feeling her loneliness when she lay beside him in the night just as God commanded of her. She tried to hide it but I heard her crying when she turned her back to him.

I began to hate him. I began to wonder why Dad allowed such an indignity to be perpetrated upon one of His most prized creatures. Surely He saw what was happening to Eve and just in case He did not, I made sure to tell Him. He didn’t seem to care, He merely said that He’d created Eve for Adam and like the animals she was his to do with as he pleased.

That did not sit well with me.

“He doesn’t even hunt anymore!” I cried in frustration. “She does all the hunting. He takes the food right out of her mouth. He makes her do everything for him and he does nothing in return. He’s slovenly, he’s boorish, he’s selfish and he’s an idiot! Why would You want Eve to suffer through her entire life with something like him?”

God rolled His eyes in annoyance at me as He huffed, “She’s not suffering. Like Adam she doesn’t know Good from Evil therefore neither of them can suffer. Instead they live in blissful ignorance.”

“Then why does she cry at night after he’s done treating her like she’s a bitch in heat?”

Father would not be questioned, “Go back to the Garden, Lucifer, do your duty and stay out of their way.”

One does not openly disobey God lightly so at that point I kept my objections to myself and flew back to the Garden as commanded. But if God couldn’t or wouldn’t see what was happening to Eve then maybe it was time for me to make Eve understand what was truly happening to her. If she knew Good from Evil she would be able to decide for herself if she was going to keep taking Adam and his brutish ways or if she would stand up to him and assert herself as I felt she should.

Then again, who was I to question my Father and Creator? I was just an Angel. So, I decided to investigate matters further. Rather than returning directly to Eden I flew across the world visiting the other Humans who’d been created by those He considered lesser than Himself. They were quite different from Adam and Eve the most notable of differences were twofold; first, they wore animal hides and second they had created smaller versions of themselves in their offspring. Hiding my identity and, of course, my wings, I wandered about them and learned the hides kept them warm and their skin sheltered from wind, rain, and the burning sun. I’d never thought of that before being an Angel I didn’t get hot or cold when it rained, I barely even got wet the water simply rolled off me.  As to the offspring I was utterly stunned and amazed, I never even thought that Adam and Eve could reproduce yet here there were thousands of Humans doing exactly that. I came to discover they did it via something they called ‘sex’. This was what Adam did to Eve and made her cry but it never once made her belly swell with a growing new life. The women seemed to covet these offspring and cared for them much the same way I had cared for Adam and Eve; they taught them to speak, to walk, to eat and as they grew they did so in confidence and curiosity. It seemed that the young ones grew into old ones that came to know more than parents before them this in turn advanced their tribes and budding societies. When they got old or an accident befell them they died, their lives snuffed out forever in the blink of an eye, the tribes mourned their loss with Rituals of Death that fascinated me. When one of them did something to hurt the tribe or even merely a single member thereof—say a man who had treated a woman the way Adam so often treated Eve—they were punished for their wrongdoing and sometimes quite severely. That, strangely enough, stirred something in me that would later become my trademark.

I realized that their gods, their creators, had made them with Freewill and an inherent sense of Good and Evil. These were things that had been reserved only for Celestial Beings and were never given to the animals that wandered the earth no matter Who created them.

I wondered how God could possibly think His creation was better than those of His Lesser Siblings. It was true, The Garden of Eden was far lusher than where these clans lived but that didn’t make it more beautiful. These Humans had developed Art they were marking on rocks and cave walls with burnt sticks and other rocks leaving a written legacy of their lives.  They created ingenuous tools such as pots for carrying and collecting water made from what they called ‘clay’. They smoothed stones for cooking in domed clay huts they called ‘ovens’ and used other stones and pots to grind grain. They made bows, arrows, and spears for hunting. They sharpened stones to a flat edge and affixed them to heavy branches for cutting down trees for their fires and to build their huts. They used similar larger stones and branches to cut up the soil and plant crops that they tended with care. They even wove wines together for netting to catch fish. To me these Humans living outside the Garden seemed much more advanced and far freer than God ever intended for Adam and Eve.

Although each tribe, each clan, created by each of God’s Lesser Siblings were unique in their own right they were all flourishing. They were all expanding, growing, learning about the world around them and their place in it. Suddenly, I knew that wasn’t what God wanted for Adam and Eve. As Raphael said; He was never one to share His toys. He thought His version of Humanity was better than all of the others because He forced it to be obedient and kept it blind. From His throne in the Silver City, He looked down upon earth and upon the creations of his Lessers and He thought them ugly, He thought them mundane as He watched them work, strive, and suffer. Being what He thought was a Good Father, He didn’t want those things for His version of Humanity so He kept from them the one thing that would always, in His eyes, keep them happy; freewill. In doing so He’d prevented them from growing, learning, and even from loving each other. Certainly those were sacrifices that should not be made. Perhaps it was the work, the strife, and the suffering they endured which made the rest of their short lives so much sweeter.

Leaving the last of the clans I flew off muttering under my breath, “Ignorance may not be bliss after all, Father.” To me the other Humans seemed, well, happy and that was not the case in the Garden where Eve was miserable while Adam grew fat and slothful.

I tried to talking to God but He wasn’t budging. In fact, He was very angry when He learned of my little trip around the world. He warned me never to do it again, I was to stay in the Garden, keep my watch, keep my guard, and never to leave His new Children untended again. As I turned to leave a thought struck me and I looked back at Him.

“Are they Immortal, Father?”

“Yes,” He replied in his regal voice, “Unlike the creations of my Lessers, so long as Adam and Eve stay in the Garden they are Immortal. They will never die. They will never suffer. Instead, they will frolic among the grass, trees, and flowers forever.”

My fears were confirmed. God had created a gilded cage of the finest variety in order to keep His most exotic birds from flying away. Eden wasn’t Paradise on Earth it was a prison. I sat in the Garden for months, maybe even years, pondering what I should do about this predicament. Then one night it happened. I was making my rounds of the Garden as always when I heard Eve scream so loudly the birds asleep in the trees woke in a fright and flew from their nests. I spread my own wings and flew to where they were living in a cave. I got there just in time to see her stumble through the mouth of it holding a hand to face as blood seeped through her slender fingers. Alighting upon the ground in front of her I stared into her wild eyes and took her hands from her face to reveal a bloodied nose and mouth. There was a bruise forming on one of those panicked eyes and another on her cheek.

With his hands clenched into fists and that cock of his standing at attention, Adam came rushing out of the cave but stopped short when he saw me standing with her. “What have you done?” I demanded of him. My heart sunk far past my feet when I heard her whisper.

“It’s my fault, I did it.”

I could see the look of vindication on his face as he ordered her, “Get back inside, woman! Let me do as I please!”

Before she could do as he bid, I scooped her up in my arms, spread my wings and took flight. I heard him shouting from far below about how he would hunt me down and kill me for this. It only showed me how stupid he truly was; what Man could ever kill an Angel? I flew her so deep into the Garden it would take Adam days to find us. Beneath the shelter of a large apple tree God called The Tree of Wisdom. There  I tended her wounds and listened as she told me Adam had beat her because she’d finally said ‘no’ to him. For her sake, I stilled the rage growing within me and fought the urge to fly off and kill him. Instead beneath the stars and the full moonlight I wrapped her naked body up in my wings and held her as she cried herself to sleep. It seemed to me that Eve was coming to make the distinction between Good and Evil on her own. All she needed was a tiny push.

In the morning, as the sun broke through the trees and her swollen eyes opened, I gazed down and asked if she was hungry. The answer I received was unexpected.

“Starving,” she whispered as she nuzzled closer. “He never lets me eat my fill but he always has his and more.”

Food and nutrients were very important to Humans and Adam knew that so I was confused, “Why doesn’t he let you eat?”

With her face pressed close to my chest she answered, “He says if I eat I’ll get fat and he won’t want me if I’m fat.”

“Fat?” I replied with moderate shock. Who cared about fat? There were all manner of Angels and Demons when we took the Mortal Forms our Father had given us. Some were tall. Some were short. Some were fat. Some were skinny.  No one thought anything of it. Even God Himself in His own Mortal Form was on the chubby side.  My confusion grew after all it was just the two of them here in the Garden of Eden. If Eve did grow fat, what was Adam going to do? Live out his life alone trying to catch deer to fuck? “To tell you the truth, I think Adam’s a bit off. If you’re hungry then you should eat.” For a split second I thought about what I was about to do even as my hand reached up for the apple hanging nearest me I questioned it but looking into those beautifully sad eyes of hers I couldn’t help myself. I plucked the apple from the tree and gave it to her. “Here. Eat. No need to be hungry when there is much bounty around you.”

She held the apple in trembling hands, “God says we must not eat this fruit.”

“God’s not here and you’re hungry,” I said gently as I lifted her hand to her mouth with ease. “Eat, it’s sweet, you’ll like it.” She bit into the apple with a loud crunch causing juice and bits of apple flesh to fly in the air. Eve wasn’t merely hungry she was starving as she’d said. She never stopped for as much as a gasp of air before the apple was nothing but its core.

“You’re right, it is sweet and juicy.” Eve swiped her arm across her lips as she tried to smile with wounded lips.

“Yes,” I agreed slowly and kept a keen gaze as I watched her eyes start to glaze over. She wobbled where she sat and I was afraid she would tumble over so I held out my arms to catch her. She fell into them and I sat silent as that glaze began to fade revealing eyes that sparkled in a manner they’d never done before. Innocence was giving way to a New Understanding of herself and all that surrounded her. “Eve?”

With hesitation she began to speak, “What Adam does is…is…it’s…wr-ong.”

That was a word she’d never uttered before because she did know or understand its meaning, “Yes,” I agreed again, “it is wrong. He should not do those things he should protect you he should care for you and hold you dear to him.” I couldn’t help myself, I waved my hand before her face and relieved her of the wounds Adam had laid upon her. “He should love you.”


I took her hand in mine and uttered the word again, “Love.” Back in those villages, the thing people called ‘sex’, was very intriguing. The women didn’t cry they didn’t feel ashamed and instead they made those most arousing of coos and moans. Even though God created Angels and Demons with all of the correct parts sex was forbidden to us as was real love. The only love we were ever to feel was the Love of and for God.

Yet, her newly opened eyes sparkling with curiosity tempted me they called to me they begged me to make her body quiver and her throat usher forth those erotic coos and moans that had made the forbidden part of me tingle.

“Show me love.”

Before I could say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ she was climbing to her knees with her back to me to present herself like a cow to a bull. I reached out to stroke her back feel her flesh prickle beneath my hand. “Not like that,” I whispered back and turned her to face me. “I want to see you, I want to look at you and see deep into your soul.” When she settled on my lap, ran her hands across my chest, up my neck and entwined her fingers into my dark hair the part of me that was forbidden to harden cast off its chains and roared to life. It slipped inside her with ease just as though it had always belonged there. She uttered the first of those magickal moans that would help keep it hard and throbbing for pleasure filled days to come.

Up until that very moment I had no idea such pleasure existed, I never knew I could feel this way; lost in space and time, so completely enveloping and enveloped by another living creature. It was more than mere bliss it was soul captivating, it was all-defining, heavenly even more so than the Silver City.

Eve wrapped me up in her loving arms, pressed her naked body to mine, her breath was hot in my ear and against my neck making every muscle in my body stretch to its very limits and beyond. In the days I spent with her under the Tree of Knowledge I never felt more fulfilled or sure of my purpose in this life. It was to love her. To need her. To want her. To care for her. To hold her sacred above all others and her against them unto my dying breath.

I knew instantly why God had kept this physical pleasure for Himself; to do otherwise would absolutely invite rebellion among His minions. Unlike those that he considered Lesser than Himself, that was something He could not afford.

And you already know most of the rest of the story. After three days, Adam eventually found us spent and wrapped up in each other’s arms below the Tree of Wisdom. Naturally he was upset but try as he did he could not best me. The raucous din in the Garden eventually drew Father’s attention. He came down and demanded retribution. He forced Adam to eat an apple so that he and Eve would be on even terms then He cast them out of the Garden to live in Sin and Shame. He dragged me back to the Silver City for punishment but I managed to garner support for my cause and I threw a little rebellion that you may have heard about. That got me cast into Hell for all eternity.

What you probably don’t know is that nine months later Eve gave birth to Cain. My Son.

For having loved me, just for one blessed instant in time, and for having been born of that love God cursed Mother and Son to walk the earth forever.




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