For Entertainment Purposes

Oh, yes, I know it’s been quite a while since I posted last. I’d apologize but, you know, Life is Life and it often gets in the way of the things we really want to do.

BUT, I’m here today and I guess that’s what counts.

First up is “Game of Thrones”.  Admittedly, I’d heard a whole bunch about this show online and in ‘real life’ where people kept telling me about it and being absolutely shocked that I hadn’t seen it. The most common things I heard was; “You of all people…YOU…haven’t watched this yet?”

I was puzzled. Really I was.

But, about two weeks ago, the first few seasons of it went On Sale at FYE and I picked up Season 1 for $19.99. At the same time I picked up “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. We watched the latter right away and were a bit hesitant about GoT but we threw it into the player on a lark and…..damn! This shit is like crack for your TV! Before I knew it, I’d bought seasons 1-6 and we devoured the whole thing in under two weeks! LOL  However, I must say, the Powers That Be are good little drug dealers, they really are. I purchased seasons 1-3 for $19.99 each and then the price went up exponentially from there for season 4-6! So, of course, I finally broke down and got an FYE ‘reward card’ to get 10% off my purchases.

I can definitely now see why people said; “You of all people…YOU…haven’t watched this yet?” This is right up my alley but, of course, in my writings we’d have more cocks and far less tits and ass. The female nudity gets very boring after a while. There would be Gods, real ones. Watching ‘Jamie’ and ‘Cersei’ all I could think of was; Geez, man, and *I* got slammed for incest in the OF WAR Series. Ok, got’cha. hahahahaha

The show is highly addictive–we watched a full season in a day! Now I have to wait until December 12th to get 7 lousy episodes comprising season 7. Hey, I thought 10 episodes per season was very chintzy. In that respect, it’s really more like a half-season show than anything else–a little summer TV filler to escape the boredom of reruns– when you consider most TV shows consist of 20 to 23 episodes per season. I’m being told the last season will only have 6 episodes. Bummer.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t watched it yet and you live near me you can borrow mine and get your popcorn ready along with your favorite blanket and slide into your comfiest clothes. You ain’t going nowhere once this thing kicks into High Gear. If you don’t live near me I highly suggest you watch it on HBO GO, I mean, if you have HBO–obviously I don’t pay for that. The backstabbing is glorious! Lying. Deceit. Sex. Castles. Big explosions. Dragons. Dire Wolves. Nightwalkers. Magick. I just love it. And, Tyrion is my favorite character. Love that Little Dude. He’s awesome. I hope he lives to the end of the series. Although it’s very difficult I have been doing my best not to read any spoilers online. I do mean that is very difficult when my Yahoo! “news” feed was absolutely jammed with it for about two weeks after the season 7 finale. So, I do have some idea of what’s coming even though I didn’t read any of those articles it was hard to escape the pictures, headlines, and two line summaries, Yahoo! puts out. Yes, unfortunately, I do know who ‘Jon Snow’ is…it was inescapable knowledge. Again, thank you, Yahoo! (Dicks!)

Next up: “The Mummy” which we watched last night. If, as was written online, this was supposed to be reboot of the series of movies in which Brendan Frasier starred….it falls flat on its face. What made that series so good was the bouts of humor mixed in with the action/adventure. Tommy’s “Mummy” doesn’t have much humor at all. It only runs about 95 minutes. I really wish Hollywood people would try harder to get to the 2 hour mark, this movie really could have used more meat in the story and the lack of it is a major reason why I hope they don’t make a “Mummy 2” although judging by the ending it’s quite clear that’s where they are/were going with this hot mess. Tommy, dear Tommy, isn’t aging very well but I give him credit for appearing to age naturally rather than going out and having a bunch of plastic surgery. If you’re bored off your butt and have 95 minutes to kill, I suppose there are worse ways to do it than by watching this fairly lackluster film. Don’t bother with the popcorn or the comfy blanket you won’t need them.

Next up: “Kong; Skull Island”. This is a movie I wanted to see for quite some time but hubby kept saying ‘no’. So when I went and picked up “The Mummy” yesterday I grabbed this one as well and I’m very glad I did. It certainly beats “The Mummy” by a country mile. To tell you the truth, I have become so accustomed to seeing Samuel L. Jackson as ‘Nick Fury’ that I completely forgot what it was like to root for him to die! But, by the end of the flick, that is exactly what I was doing. LOL!  This movie isn’t your typical “King Kong” flick, in fact, it’s so much better than that. If you like Monster Movies I highly suggest you get that comfy blanket and your bowl of popcorn to settle in for a rockin’ good time. It’s far better than “The Great Wall” I can say that with absolute certainty. In fact, it’s even better than “Alien Covenant”. Although  I loved Michael Fassbender in that flick. He’s always awesome, to tell the truth, I love him in everything he does. Tom Hiddleston is very good and so is John C. Reilly, they are also two of my favorite actors.

So, while we’re waiting for “Stranger Things” to kick off its second season on October 27th…..those are my movie and TV picks ‘n’ pans. 🙂


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