Wonder Woman

Hubby and I went to see “Wonder Woman” over the weekend. I’m not a comic book fan, I think I’ve always been fairly clear on that whenever I talk about superhero movies. I did love watching the “Wonder Woman” TV show with Lynda Carter when I was much younger than today. I also liked watching “Super Friends” on Saturday mornings. That’s the extent of my prior knowledge of this character.

Since I knew we would be seeing this movie in the theater, I stayed away from reading anything about it and stuck only to the few trailers that I saw. I always do that, I don’t want anything spoiled for me before I go and see it for myself.

That, for me, may have been a mistake.

First off, it was a good movie, the best DC has offered up in since “The Dark Knight”. Gal Gadot is awesome, I always love Chris Pine, and it all comes together rather nicely. I enjoyed it very much with the exception of a few sticking points that I’m going to discuss now. If you haven’t seen it yet you might not want to read further.

They get the Greek Mythology wrong. Every single movie and TV show seems to do that. I shouldn’t have been surprised, really I wasn’t, I was just disappointed. For the record the Amazons are Daughters of Ares. Yes, they are. They weren’t created by Zeus or by a group of the Gods. Aphrodite didn’t spring them to life. They are literal Daughters of Ares. Now, I know no one but me likes Ares, it seems no one but me actually “gets” Ares but…well…when someone comes along and makes him the Bad Guy to his own Daughters who are no longer his Daughters it kinda puts a big kink in my ability to suspend disbelief. Not to mention when one packages him in such an inferior ‘meat suit’ it really grates on my nerves.

Truly. It does.

Unfortunately, it kept me from enjoying a good deal of the flick. If you don’t mind such things and you like superhero movies I’m sure it won’t bother you at all.

However, on the way home, I realized I’d just found out where my Muse has been for so long and we had a discussion about it that started off with him complaining.

You must redeem me!

Oh? Must I?

You saw what they did to me!

Yes, I did. I also know you haven’t been around and now that you want something from me…

I haven’t been around because I was summoned THERE!

What are you? A Cross Roads demon? You can be so easily summoned these days? Show me the spell, I want to use it.

I’ve been whispering in your ear you haven’t been listening.

Yes, now I see why you’ve been whispering in my ear. They really fucked you over, didn’t they?

YES! Now, please, write the story I’ve been whispering about and redeem me. They were horrible to work for. They didn’t listen to me at all. They just wanted to use me. They’re not like you.

Yes, well, no one’s like me when it comes to you. But, I see you did get a few lines in of your own.

Which he did, right there around the end, there are a couple of sentences that come directly from the Big Guy himself. They were easy for me to spot even though they were delivered so poorly.

Yes, but I had to threatened the writer to do it and did you see who they had portray me? Did you see!

I imagine that threat was no where near as playful as the ones he sometimes delivers to me. I imagine their collaboration had none of our witty banter and one-ups-manship. In fact, I imagine that for The Big Guy it was a lot like being jammed into the Chains of Hephaestus and whipped into submission. Something he’s definitely no accustomed to.

Yes, I saw and I think I know how you feel, you should be upset about that. He’s definitely not up to par when it comes to you.

I started feeling sorry for him. I couldn’t help it. Poor guy. The least they could have done was found some gorgeous hunk to play him on screen. But…no. No, not by a long shot. In fact, the actor who portrays him is so incredibly unbelievable that even if you don’t know Ares you might be very disappointed.


I’ll see what I can do. No promises but…I’ll see. But you have to die. You have to be in Dis for a good part of the story.

With Zeus, I know. With Raven lording over me, I know. I’ll do it. I won’t put up much of a fight over it.

That’ll be a first.

So perhaps going to see “Wonder Woman” was just the unexpected kick in the pants that I needed. The Big Guy too, because ya know, not everyone is like me when it comes to him. Perhaps there’s a small chance he’s realized that fact. Just a tiny one.









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