Cai the Bad Guy

I love my dog. Those of you who are friends with me on my personal Facebook page know how much I love Cai. I never thought I could adore a dog but, honestly, he’s probably one of, if not the best, pet companion I ever had.

So this week when he ate my glasses and destroyed hubby’s cell phone I did my best to let it go even though, in the end, he did so to the tune of around $750.00, I forgave him.

How could I now?

C’mon…look at that face!

What kind of a dick could stay angry with that face for a long period of time or want to do it harm? I dunno. But it ain’t me.

So….I went to work yesterday and called Sonny’s Market to be sure they’d be open today so we could get grinders for our company. Oh, yes, they told me, no problem. I got off work early and ran to Stop & Shop to get goodies for today (Cousin and his friend will be here SOON!), I came home and found the note from FedEx on the door. “Sorry, we were here you weren’t.”


That’s hubby’s phone and I missed the delivery. You know the one that should have happened TODAY. So I put everything away, I shoved pulled pork into the crockpot, and I call FedEx. And…three hours later they call me back! WTF? Great. Yes, of course, by then the drive was ‘out of the area’…duh! I ask if they’ll try again tomorrow (you know, today). No, sorry, they’ll try again on Tuesday!

Really? You couldn’t just put it back on the truck and deliver it when you know someone might be home?

Ok. Fine.

Hubby can pick it up today.


I put together a veggie tray for today, make potato salad for today, make a beautiful banana/nut/chocolate chip cake for today along with the pulled pork for last night.

The evening went without a hitch. Well, except we took a massive chunk out of the banana/nut/chocolate chip cake that was supposed to be for today. Oh well, it’s friggin’ awesome, btw! LOL

We got up this morning and I started calling Sonny’s Market according to their Hours of Operation on Google. It rang ten times then asked me to input my ‘code’.

I called again. And again. And again. Right up until 9:30.

Fuck it!

Called Hamilton Street Market. They answered the phone on the second ring. I ordered 4 large salami grinders and 1 large roast beef.

Keep in mind, that I was already doing the laundry and cleaning the house.

Hubby went to pick up the grinders.

I started putting the sheets back on the bed, I swept the bedroom floor, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned up the kitchen and dining tables, put plants outside, went on a ‘towel hunt’, turned over the laundry and started the dishwasher.

I was upstairs when hubby came home and announced he had the grinders. I came downstairs. We sat for a moment and something didn’t feel right. I looked at him and said; “Where’s our dumb dog?”

Hubby said: “Good question.” He went outside to call for Cai.


Look upstairs.

Look downstairs.

Look in the basement.


Hubby rolls around the neighborhood in his car. I walk around the neighborhood calling for him. Trust me, I haven’t WALKED that much in YEARS and I definitely do NOT walk up hills. I’ve worn heels for nearly 40 years so I have shortened calves and, oh yeah, I have COPD. I DO NOT DO HILLS. But there I was truding up and down the hill on my street and for two streets over. All the while calling; “Cai! Cai! C’mon doggie! Want a doggie treat? C’mon Cai!” Our friend, Connie, heard us calling, and DROVE up the street telling us she was going to look for him.

OH! What a blessing it is to have a friend like that!

I couldn’t believe she was going to go out of her way to look for MY dog! But she did. She must have driven around for half a hour while I walked and called, and hubby drove around, and each one of us asked every single soul we came across; “Have you seen a dog?”

The only ones to say ‘yes’ were two nice people near the top of the street. They’d seen Cai begging to be let in to people’s houses at the top of the street! They thought he scared one person who slammed the door in his face. Seems they thought he was ‘big’ and ‘scary’ possibly maybe even (as I discovered later) ‘a rabid pit bull!’


He’s a big friendly goofy Boxer!

The nice couple said they thought they saw him run down Ocean Ave. So I went in the direction they pointed knowing there was a big wide track that led to the railroad tracks and the woods. I kept calling for him but…no dice.

Anyway, it went on like that for over an hour. Finally we came home so I could post to my personal Facebook page, the New London Animal Control Page, and to Craigslist to see if there were any signs of him. I picked up my phone to see 6 missed calls from Miss Rebecca and 4 text messages. I looked at the texts first and she was asking me if Cai was missing and if the link she provided was him. She was AT WORK. No one told her the dog was missing. I was perplexed. Then I followed the link to the New London Animal Control Page and read it;

Is anyone missing a big doofy boxer from the hospital area of town?

Oh shit!

He’s in JAIL!

Then I laughed at the description.

I called them and got the ‘bad’ news. Yes, he doesn’t have his shot. Yes, he’s not licensed.

Come get him, pay $15.00 and get a citation.


I thought they were going to keep him until at least Tuesday.

We ran down there and got him. The very nice lady told us we could go to PetCo on any given Sunday and get him his shots for $20.00.

Twenty bucks! Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me that before????????

It’s better than the $211.00 fine we might otherwise have to pay. So we’ll go next Sunday and get him his shots then I’ll go downtown and get him a license. I don’t know if there will be an extra fee because he’s not ‘fixed’ but he only has one testicle and, according to his last owned, the vet said the operation wouldn’t be a good idea. Besides, in the near year we’ve had him, he’s never ever tried to hump a damn thing. Nothing.

We paid the fine, I gave her a twenty dollar bill and told her to keep the five and put it towards food or toys or whatever was needed for the animals in the shelter. She told us Cai was picked up INSIDE Lawrence and Memorial Hospital where he scared the crap out of some people who swore he was a ‘rabid pit bull’. How could anyone in their right mind think that? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because people are terrified of pit bulls and Cai has a square head with a shorted snout. I was insulted! No, really, insulted, that some moron thought my purebred Boxer was a pit bull. The only thing anyone has to say to him is; Want a doggie treat?

He’s your best friend forever.

We brought him home. Hubby flew up to the stupid FedEx people to get his phone. I walked Cai around the yard until he got shocked by his collar to show him his boundaries again. I switched out the laundry. I took a quick shower and any minute now Cousin should show up.

I’m so glad there’s no work Monday. I need the rest.

And Cai’s bill for this week is now over $800.00

Expensive dog. But totally worth it.


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