Prodigal Son

Is now, finally and officially available in signed paperbacks at .

Not that anyone cares. Just thought I’d throw that out there because freaking Amazon is now trying to force tiny authors like me to go through them for print editions even though THEY BOUGHT

You know, the site I’ve always used for paperbacks.

And, oh yeah, Amazon doesn’t offer “Expanded Distribution”. You know, the thing I’ve PAID for all these years.

That’s right.

Paperbacks are now supposed to be ‘exclusive’ to Amazon just like they want all e-books to be.

I hate Jeff Bezos with the burning passion of a thousand suns! I hope he dies a long slow public death…soon. Very soon. But only because he deserves it.

Yes, he does, he deserves to have his personal agony drawn out over the entire Internet for the entire planet to see.

I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I fucking hate him!

Die, Jeffy, die!

Look, believe me, because this is the unabashed truth: When Amazon first launched so many years ago, it did so on the BACKS of small authors like me promising us rich rewards. If Bezos hadn’t done that, I, like many others would have just gone about our merry way without him. But he did that. So…We ran to him in droves because we wanted those rewards. Then he turned out to be just another Capitalist Pig who wanted to bend us to his will.

And YOU the consumer bought into it.

I’ve had decades of experience of dealing with the public so, please, trust me (or at least listen to me) when I tell you that the Public is NOT always right. Far from it. The Public is bunch of self-entitled assholes. Yes, oh yes, it is. It’s filled with “people” who want everything for nothing. When the poor little Customer Service Representative (like me) can’t deliver they lose their shit!

But Bezos help perpetuate that fallacy. He did it at the expense of authors like me and small time business people.

So no….

He’s not a hero. He’s not an entrepreneur. He’s just an asshole with delusions of grandeur. A man who’s reach far exceeds his grasp and who is doomed to failure. No matter how much it might ‘hurt’ me personally I am awaiting that day with bated breath. Mostly because he’s going to take all the fucktards who bought stock in his company with him.

Yes, he’s nothing more than the WalMart of the Internet.

Karma’s a bitch. It’ll get’cha.

I’ll smile when it does.

In point of fact I will definitely wear a red dress to his funeral and dance with abandon upon his grave.


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