It Was A Good Weekend Until

I was very productive this weekend more than I have been in months! Saturday the idea to overhaul my website popped into my head and I just ran with it. I’d been unhappy with the site compared to other sites for a while but didn’t have the energy or the drive to do anything about it. Saturday I started looking around for CSS templates and I hit upon two that I liked. I downloaded them and said to myself: You don’t know a damn thing about CSS so what the hell are you doing?

I figured, it couldn’t be that hard. I looked at the codes and looked at how the stylesheet went with the pages and I figured it out pretty quickly. Implementing it, however, it took 16 hours. Yep. I sat here for 8 hours straight on Saturday and then another 8 hours straight on Sunday. Which was strange since I got the bulk of the work done on Saturday but those pages for buying signed paperbacks, the series pages, and the free books page turned out to be a wee bit more complicated than I thought! LOL But it’s done now, it looks more professional and I fixed all of the links that didn’t go directly to the buy pages for the books. I even got to add Nook back on to the site and I discovered one can buy several of my paperbacks online from Barnes & Noble (I had no idea!) so I got those links added too.

After 8 hours of that on Saturday I went out and mowed the grass.

Sat down on Sunday put in the other 8 hours then went outside and weeded and planted my new rose bush along with that painted daisy that’s been hanging around forever. Then I attacked the cherry tree with much ferocity! I cut that sucker back but good. Looks better now. I was going to get to the star magnolia today but the weather and Cai had other plans.

I was exhausted. I came upstairs to soak in a hot tub. Oh it was wonderful! Hot water, lavender bath salts, the radio playing, every muscle in my tired body unwound and felt happy. Like an idiot I left my glasses on the bed. I got out of the tub and

Damn it, Cai!

I looked around for over an hour for my old pair and couldn’t find them anywhere. Buying new glasses was NOT on my List of Things To Do but I can’t drive without them. Well, I can, but you don’t want to be on the road when I do! hahaha So hubby and I took today off so I could get glasses. We stopped by Pearl Vision to get a copy of my prescription (didn’t buy them there because their frames are very expensive and no one could tell me how long I would have to wait) then went to Lens Crafters in the mall (I was considering going to Walmart if I had to, eeesh, now that’s desperation). We should have gone to Cohen’s (also in the mall) they were running a 2 pair for $179.95 special but I ended up at Lens Crafters. I don’t mind trying on frames. I do mind looking into the mirror seeing my aging and widening reflection staring back at me. Very depressing. I spent more time today looking in the mirror than I have in a year.

Each time I looked I told myself: You’re FAT! Look at those WRINKLES! Look at those LINES on your NECK! You spend way too much time at the computer that’s how you got those ugly lines!

Yep, looking in the mirror was way more fun when I was 18.

I finally settled on frames. We were told they’d be ready in an hour so there wasn’t much to do except walk around Ye Olde Crystal Mall. Thankfully we ran into my friend Cris who works there and we spent some time chit-chatting and catching up. We noticed the music playing in the mall was a definite attempt to pander to people our age when a particular song came on.

Cris said to me: “Whenever I heard this song, I think of you.”

I laughed and said: “I think of you too!”

Then we reminisced about singing into hair brushes up in my bedroom when we were in Jr. High.

It was pretty funny. I realized, you can’t get those kind of memories without a few years and several miles behind you. That’s a good thing even if it does leave you with a few wrinkles, extra pounds, gray hairs, and lines on your neck.

Eventually we said ‘goodbye’ and continued walking around the mall. We picked up two movies “Split” (which I’m dying to see everyone says it’s very good) and the last “Resident Evil” movie. Looks like a horror movie night tonight. “Resident Evil” is about the only horror movies I can get hubby to watch with me. I like them so I’ll take it.

My glasses were ready so we picked them up and a miracle happened; I could SEE again! WOW!

On our way out I took this pic of me in my new glasses

The car was bouncing around and I couldn’t really see it when I posted it to Facebook but as I did I thought; Gee, do I look a little…plastic?

We continued on our way, we went to Kamp Dog for brunch. Check out this pancake.

Yes, that’s hubby’s hand over it. The darn thing is the size of a small pizza and very tasty.

As we sat there I got a text from Miss Rebecca informing me that Cai ate hubby’s phone.

Yep, darn dog ripped it right out of the case and now the phone doesn’t work anymore. We have to get a new one later this week. That, too, was not on the List of Things To Do. But he’s got to have a phone. I found one on that I’ll order on Wednesday provided it’s still there.

While I was looking for phones the mailman showed up with my order from the San Francisco Salt Company. In case you were ever wondering this is what 20 lbs of bath salts looks like

For about $27.00 it was a steal. I spend $5.00 on 4 lbs at the grocery store so, you do the math. This should last me a good long while.

Then I got to thinking about that selfie I took earlier in the day and I looked at it and finally figured out that when the phone did an update it also updated the filters on the camera. That’s why I look a little plastic. I fiddled with it a bit. Check it out. See if you can guess which one has the skin, slim face, and large eyes filters going for it and which one is plain old me.


No wonder we’re a bunch of youth-obsessed crackpots. Even our phones tell us we need fixing.


But, I guess I’d rather look a little fat, wrinkled, gray haired, and bursting with freckles than to look like I’m made out of plastic.

I guess.


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