The Joys of Living in a Military Town

Let’s add the words:

To the dump to the dump to the dump dump to the dump with Trump Trump Trump to the dump with Trump…to the DUMP!

Or can replace the ‘d’ with a ‘t’ and add an ‘r’.”

So the Dumpster is coming to my town tomorrow.

Oh freakin’ JOY!

Yes, he’s going to give the Commencement Speech at the United States Coast Guard Academy. You know, the Coast Guard, the only branch of the miltary where he wants to cut spending.

Ah…this is gonna be great. EPIC!

Between the protestors and the ass kissers this gonna be awesome!



I might take tomorrow off work and eat a day’s pay just so I go out there and hold up a sign that reads: YOU SUCK!

‘Cuz he does.


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