I do.

It’s true.

I don’t often…if ever…say such things about myself but, fuck it!


After struggling with the new database at work for the last few weeks I finally made the sucker my bitch. I did!

Not only did the Arrears and Suspensions letters come out absolutely awesome (with no help from anyone even though I asked but they couldn’t be bothered to get back to me since FRIDAY!) I also figured out the “email blast” feature and did that as well.

Oh yeah, and I never went to a single class.

Nope. Not one.

Reasons are: 1) It was bad timing, my boss was out with a total knee replacement and if I had gone to those four classes then the hall would have effectively been closed for those 4 day and 2) I don’t drive that far. I don’t. I have no reason to. Classes were in Milbury, MA…for the six New England states. Like that? Now it’s just a 90 minute drive for me but for someone coming from Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine, it’s a lot further and us lowly secetarily staff don’t get “company cars”. Yes, the mileage, the gas, the wear and tear on my lovely, but old, Ford Explorer would have all been borne by me.

Fuck that.

They could have easily set up Web Conferences for those classes but they chose not to.

Not my problem, honey.

I did feel a little guilty about not going but not anymore. I’m running circles around the folk who took those classes. Yes, those poor folk who put gas in their own cars, and drove the distance, to sit through 4 classes of 4 hours each with nothing more than lunch as their reward for their efforts. That’s kind of shabby, isn’t it? I mean for people like me who work FOR a Union but are NOT a Union Member. We’re just lowly support staff. We’re certainly not entitled to employer paid healthcare, pensions, and annuities. You know, like Union Members are entitled to. Yes, that means I’m on “Obamacare” because my employer can’t be bothered to get a Blue Cross account. Lovely. Let’s just say that does not instill a feeling of loyalty.

BUT…I whipped it…yep I…

All by me onesies.

Well what can I say? I do have 20 years experience working with databases. In the end they’re all the same, they really are. It just takes a few weeks of trial and error to get used to them. Because software/database developers are morons who never take the ‘end user’ into consideration. They’re too good for that.

BUT, I’m ME and I agonized over those Arrears and Suspension Letters today. I did! I didn’t know what to do! I mean, they forced me to learn ‘mail merge’ through WORD (something I have NEVER had a use for in my LIFE) but no one got back to me to say; “Go for it”.

So I went for it on my own.

They came out perfectly!

In my head I heard The Muse telling me that he only wished I had as much faith in myself as He does. He said that’s my ‘big problem’; a lack of faith in myself.

He’s right. I know he’s right. It’s probably why he brought the most wonderful idea to me last night! Oh, if I have faith in me, my lovely Readers are headed for a roller coaster of a ride in the next Ares and Alena story. It’s freaking awesome. Seriously, it is! I can’t wait to get to it.

So, after making that database my bitch, I went to Stop and Shop and got myself a few little gifties.

Along with a pound and a half of fresh shrimp for which I made cocktail sauce.

I mean, what the hell, no one could be bothered to buy me a gift for Mother’s Day because I’m such a lousy mom so I thought I’d do for myself. Yes, hubby bought himself new pants, new e-juice, and new guitar strings then repeatedly ASKED me if I wanted anything. He did finally make a pan of brownies and a BBQ rib dinner (not my favorite; his). Youngest daughter gave me a whole ten minute one-handed foot rub because she couldn’t put down her phone. Hey! Family! Never ASK “mom” if she “wants” anything for Mother’s Day or her Birthday or Christmas or anything like that…just go DO it. Asking makes me feel like it’s a chore for you and I do more than enough chores around here without thanks. I know what a burden “chores” can be and I would never want to put that burden on others. Chores. You know, like I did this weekend; the whole of the laundry (washing, drying, folding, and putting it away), mopping the floor, doing the dishes, and cleaning the house.

If you want to do something for “mom”…just GO and DO it.

Or, this mom will do it for herself because, like the L’Oreal commercial says: I’m worth it.

So tonight, we’re having the dinner I should have been served; porterhouse steaks, salad, shrimp cocktail…the whole nine.

Tomorrow…I’ll start on the next Ares and Alena story.

Oh poor Raven, he’s going to have to decide whether or not to kill his mother for her transgressions. Or well, you know, the transgressions her unborn Sons forced upon her.

Should be very interesting!

Stay tuned to find out more as we go along.


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