To All the Moms Out There

This is YOUR weekend! Don’t let nobody tell ya different.

Here where I live it’s expected to be a very rainy weekend.

I went to work this morning some male I work with (he’s really nice, please don’t get me wrong here) started complaining about the rain this weekend. I let him go on. He said a lot of things I would normally say. You know things like him and his wife couldn’t work in the garden after he got her plants.

I love plants for Mother’s Day. It is the A-1 gift in this house. No matter what it is. So long as it’s a living plant that I can repot or put in my garden it’s a totally awesome gift. We usually go around to some of the places that sell garden plants (veggies, herbs, flowers, strawberries or maybe something so far untried by my hand) and I get to pick out about $100.00 worth (that includes potting soil and pots if needed). I’m thrilled with that! Up here, one can’t really hope to plant anything in the ground until Mother’s Day weekend or even Memorial Day weekend. Yeah, we don’t have a long growing season…LOL.

But he was complaining and he asked me what I thought. I said something along the lines of; Looking forward to it.

He just stared at me.

A few moments later another male I work with who is also very nice came in and started saying how he was looking forward to the rainy weekend.

The first male did a double-take. Finally he said; “You’re not the first person to tell me that today.”

The second male said; “Yeah, who was the first.”

I said; “That’d be me.”

Laughter ensued.

I heard the same comment throughout the day. You know, how people are upset it’s going to rain this weekend.


I’ve struggled with a new database at work since April 24th. I never got to go to any of the classes because my boss was out after a total knee replacement and if I’d gone the office would have effectively been closed those days. Yes, there was someone was covering for him.

Enough said.

Oh, yeah, and I don’t drive that far on my own. Classes were in Milbury, MA! Seriously? For the six New England states every secretary/receptionist/organizer/whathaveyou if supposed to drive that far? Ok, Well, here, let me ask this question; Why didn’t you do a web conference for those days?

Just a thought. That’s all.

So, I’ve been learning the new database ON MY OWN. I ran into a 6 hour problem yesterday which I finally conquered. Damn straight I did. There’s no piece of software that’s going to get the best of me. No freakin’ way.

With a pounding headache and a crick in my neck I came home a bit early, sacked out on the couch, and waited for relaxation to set in.

I went back to work this morning and conquered a few other problems with the new database.

I went grocery shopping to the tune of $210.00. I loaded the car. I unpacked the car. I put all of the groceries away.

Am I looking forward to a rainy weekend?

You bet your sweet bippy I am. I’m already in my sweats. I already took off my bra. I already put on a comfortable shirt. I am already barefoot. And intend to stay pretty much exactly like this until Monday morning.

Hey, I already cut the grass…twice.

Cai has done a great job digging holes around the yard in which I could conceivably plant new plants if I ever go out there and get them. LOL!

In the end, Mother’s Day has become just another Hallmark Holiday. I don’t really care about it but it is nice to be recognized in some small way, that’s true. Like tonight, for instance, Miss Rebecca is going to make me tacos. I went and bought all the fixings, dragged them home, and put them away, but she’s going to make the dinner and that’s awesome with me. Maybe on Sunday someone will make me breakfast and that, too, will be fantastic. Mostly, I just want to kick back in my sweats, with no bra, in my comfy shirt….maybe under a blanket….and let the world melt away. That’s all.

Ok, so maybe Ares will come to me and give some direction on where we’re going next! That too would be greatly appreciated.

But, I did manage to put up a new short story last weekend and given how my writing has been going I can’t ask for more than that from him right now.

If you need me, from this exact moment until 5:30am on Monday morning….I’ll be right here, cuddled up, watching TV, letting my brain go limp, and just being a slug.

Whatever YOU want to do on Sunday, Mothers of the World, I hope you get to do it.

Happy Mothers Day!!!!


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