Can’t Take the Heat…Get Out of the Kitchen or Learn Manners.

So, today I’m standing in line at Hamilton Street Market to get two grinders and a large potato salad for dinner. I place my order. I stand there politely. From behind me I hear some shrill voice;

“Geez, I dunno know you people do it! There’s nothing up here to DO! I mean, hell what the fuck do you people DO? It’s total Culture Shock!”

She went on like that for a few minutes being totally ignored by the others gathered to get their grinders before I turned around and looked at her. A short, stout, white woman, in her mid-life.

“Sorry, where are you from?” I nicely asked.

“New Jersey!” She huffed.

I did my best to hold back the rising cackle within me and simply said; “Oh, sorry, we have more class up here than what you’re used to but don’t worry, you’ll get accustomed to it.”

You should have SEEN the look on her face! It was priceless! You should have heard the rapid clearing of throats around me from my other Nutmeggers. Also, priceless.

I got my grinders and promptly left her there speechless and floundering for help that was never coming.

A few hours later, on my way home today, I got stuck behind a few school buses that feel the need to stop at every other corner. Whatthefuckever.

Then I got to another spot in the road where someone in a car felt it was A-OK to STOP MID-TRAFFIC and hold a CONVERSATION with someone.

Yeah. No. That’s not ok. Don’t care if neither participant in said conversation is white…which neither of them were. They were just rude.

So as I honked my horn and others did the same, did they feel shame or embarrassment? Hell no!

Did I look at the person in the road, judge them, and yell out; “HEY! Toothless Wonder! Get the fuck out of the way!”

Damn skippy I did.

Yes he had very few teeth, shabby clothes, and no shame. Did I feel bad about my words? Fuck no!

Bottom line is a little respect for your fellow man goes a long fucking way. No matter what color you are or where you’re from. If you can’t give it someone else will definitely call you on it and they won’t feel bad about it.



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