Coyotes In New London

Coyote, Upper Geyser Basin;
Neal Herbert;
October 2014;
Catalog #19724d;
Original #9595

Majestic, isn’t he?

Let me tell a small tale about coyotes in my little town.

They first started showing up several years ago in the woods that run from, oh let’s say, Miner Lane in Waterford to Charles Street in New London. Sightings were rare but certainly not unheard of until the City of New London made its residences switch to the new garbage cans. They’re bit. They’re green. They have a sturdy lid. They’re great.

Except they’ve starved out nearly all of the wildlife that lived in that wooded space. You know the red foxes and ground hogs and raccoons, and opossums and rabbits and pretty much even the deer that used to frequent my yard. Almost all of them are gone now. While I used to bitch, whine, moan, and complain about them…I miss them. That’s the truth. I miss them. I do so mostly because I’m not so self-important as to put myself above those beautiful animals. Hell, they were here long before I was!

And, with the advent of those garbage cans, the City of New London began to starve out a population of coyotes they probably didn’t even know existed because the pack kept, as wild animals will, to the darkened corners and came out only for food. The coyotes and the fishercats and, oh, please, I know Google will tell you different but the Gray Wolf still lives in CT. I’ve seen it right in my backyard. Did I call Animal Control and freak the hell out? Ah…no.

BUT, there have been people here on my side of town just on the ‘right side’ of Willets Ave but before the outskirts of ‘we can’t afford to live THERE’ who did report sightings of coyotes and fishercats and wolves.

No one cared.

Not a single official said anything.

On the sly were warned to ‘be on the look out’ for such wild animals.

And that was it.

The End. Cya. Buh-Bye.

Then said wild animals began moving to the outskirts of said ‘more important’ part of town.


Don’t ya know it’s a freakin CATASTROPHE now?


Dogs have been taken!

Cats are missing!

(Like they haven’t been for years on the ‘less important’ but still ‘right side’ of town)

The hysteria its causing is making me roll with laughter.

But, hey!

Those residents are so important that

Yes, their children are more important than ours, hell even their pets are more important than ours.

Yeah, no they’re not but…hey!

Me? I made peace with those animals long ago. I don’t fear them. They don’t fear me. I make sure my pets are in when I go to bed. They go off in search of other food. In short, we’ve come to a very amicable agreement. But that’s only because I don’t have narcissistic tendencies. I don’t consider myself more important than them. I have respect for the balance of nature and the consequences thereof when man interferes with it.

Still, it’s fun to watch those other people bug out.

They’ll raise a holy stink bitching about how important they are until those poor coyotes are killed or captured.


It will be the downfall of all of us if we’re not careful.


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