Little Raymond Print Shop a/k/a Fulfillment Center

Well, late last week we had a little BS with our bank which I blogged about here

We got that problem taken care of. The bank put the money that was fraudulently taken from our account back into our account.

All was well.

TODAY…I get home from work and do my thing including collecting the mail which consisted of one piece of Junk Mail and one cardboard cylinder.

I took the cylinder into the house thinking; Hubby must have bought more ‘juice’ for his e-cig.

I put it on the table and continued watching “13 Reasons Why”

Hubby came home.

I said: “Your e-juice arrived.” And got up to get the cylinder off the table even as I heard:

“What e-juice? I didn’t order any e-juice.”



Filled with much trepidation we sat down and he opened the cylinder.

Ummmm…wow! Who the hell in their right mind would order THAT and WHY? I mean it has no information on it AT ALL.

I thought back to all of those reviews I read regarding Tee Chip Com ( and knew what those poor legitimate customers were bitching about.

Hubby and I went to the Almighty Google. We finally came back with information.

The package originates from

Little Raymond Print Shop at 7800 Records Street Indianapolis Indiana 48266.

We tracked down a phone number for them and we called only to be told that if the package originated outside of Utah, they couldn’t help us.


Well, obviously you’re already aware there’s a problem and you’re unwilling to assist.

Being the fiction writer I am, if I were WRITING A STORY, I’d include in the plot line that Little Raymond Print Shop was in cahoots with Tee Chip.

But that’s just me. Being the fiction writer that I am. You understand.

I would write (fictionally of course) about two companies ultimately owned by the same individual that was ripping off the public at large probably with much glee.

However, as a PFC (Private Fucking Citizen) I would say to you, Dear Reader; Check your bank account and credit card statements DAILY. After all, not everyone out there is honest.

Just a thought.

That’s all.



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