13 Reasons Why

I spend a lot of time on Ye Olde Yahoo! “News”. I tell myself I’m going to stop but I’m addicted, I admit it.  Among the Trump Stuff and other Political Stuff and Animal Abuse and Child Abuse and Animal Rescue stories that I sift through on a daily basis I’m also treated to a lot of TV/Movie/Hollywood Stuff.  If anyone out there dares to ruin “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2” for me there will be severe consequences! I’ve done my best to stay away from articles on that and for “Thor: Ragnarok” (same consequences apply to anyone ruining that one for me as well!) with the exception of watching the trailers.

In all of that stuff brought to my courtesy of Yahoo! there’s always ‘buzz’ about the latest TV show…usually something on Netflix or Hulu. I read those articles, I read the comments, but I hardly ever check out the shows because they just don’t look interesting to me. A few exceptions being “Stranger Things”, “Iron Fist”, and “Daredevil” all of which I am eagerly anticipating the next seasons of. But, whenever some ‘buzz’ starts filling up my Facebook feed I tend to get a little more interested as with the three aforementioned shows. When that ‘buzz’ has my ‘friends’ ‘buzzing’ back and forth my curiosity can get the better of me and such was the case with “13 Reasons Why”. So many good things said about this show. So many bad things said about this show. I was left wondering if it was some type of horror flick–it’s not, well not really depending on your own experiences in life and in high school which is like a PG-13 horror show in and of itself. It’s wonder any of us actually survive it to begin with.

Two nights ago I figured; what the hell, I’ll check it out.

You know, there was no risk involved to me. I already subscribe to Netflix so if I thought it sucked I could just go back to catching up on “NCIS”. No harm. No foul. It’s not like I had to sign up for Hulu to watch some ‘buzzy’ thing that’s really just a remake of a movie based on a book I read more than 30 years ago. (hint hint)

For those of you who don’t know, “13 Reasons Why” centers around the suicide of our young heroine ‘Hannah’, a high school student, who leaves 13 cassette tapes (yes you read that right!) and a map for a series of 13 “friends” to listen to and follow which explain why she took her own life. And AGAIN…if anyone out there dares to spoil this for me there will be major consequences! So if you’ve seen the whole first season already…..shut up! I’m just about to start episode 4 and I’m absolutely hooked! I cannot wait to start binge watching the shit out of this over the coming weekend. In fact, I so can’t wait that I didn’t stop watching it when hubby came up to bed last night and I made the poor guy sit through the last half hour of episode 3.

Trust me, this is so not hubby’s thing. He looked at me after the first few minutes and said; “Why the hell are you watching some crap about a bunch of high school kids?”

I gave him a very quick rundown of what was happening, he turned on his phone and played Mobile Strike until it was over. LOL!  Yeah, like I said, it’s not his type of show.

I have no idea if you’ll like it or not but, if you already have Netflix, and you like things that are new and fresh, if you like good acting, good writing, and compelling drama with lots of intrigue and, if maybe, you weren’t one of the ‘popular kids’ in your own high school years, I suggest you give it one episode.  Even if you were one of the ‘popular kids’, I would still make the same suggestion, maybe even more so.

If you don’t like it you can switch to something else without a second thought and without having lost anything but that one hour. If you give it that shot be prepared to be hooked. Be prepared to settle in with your favorite blanket, snacks, and drinks, for a long binge.


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