Tee Chip Debit Card Fraud

The good news is; It’s FRIDAY!

The bad is; Some place noted as TEE CHIP COM is trying to steal nearly $800.00 from my bank account! WTF?

Early this morning, over coffee and Good Morning America, hubby pulled out his phone to check out bank account and see if Good Ol’ Uncle Sam had taken his money. He had. No surprise there. This left us with a grand total of about $600.00. That’s not bad. Not great but not bad. It’s enough to buy groceries and get gas and be OK until our next paydays.

Or it would have been. That’s when hubby noticed two charges from TEE CHIP COM. Both of them were for right around $370.00…each.  Both of them were ‘in process’. We just sort of stared at each other puzzled for a few moments then we asked each other; “What did you buy?”

I didn’t buy anything.

He didn’t buy anything.

I never heard of these people.

He never heard of these people.

I get on my computer and get into the account. I send the bank a ‘secure message’ letting them know that fraud is being perpetrated and to cancel this ‘in process’ transaction. Meanwhile, hubby’s looking up TEE CHIP on Google and it ain’t pretty. You can Google them yourself or you can have a peek here for a small sampling of what people are going through with this place https://www.pissedconsumer.com/teechip/RT-F.html or you can go here https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.teechip.com or here https://www.scamguard.com/teechipcom/  It was eye opening to say the least.

This is an actual company with an actual website  (http://www.teechip.com) selling actual t-shirts and stuff like that but it seems even the ‘legit side’ of their operation is not so legit. Even people who have actually ordered something from this place are pissed. Oh and it seems they like to steal other people’s artwork and stick it on their crummy stuff.  Nice place, huh?

Anyway, the bank got back to me with a; We’re so sorry, we can’t stop this transaction but you can come in, fill out the paperwork, and dispute it. If it’s found to be fraud the money will be put back into your account and any overages you might incur will be voided. We suggest you get in touch with this company to cancel your order or to see if they can be of help. If not, you’ll have to come in and fill out the paperwork. In the meantime the debit card used to make this purchase has been canceled.

What the hell do you mean you can’t stop a transaction that it is still in process? Shouldn’t there be a way to do that? It hasn’t finished yet, there’s time to head them off, so…what gives? Could some computer genius out there start working on this problem, please? If you come up with a solution I’ll bet you make a ton of honest money.

I emailed them back letting them know that we’d never done business with this company, had never heard of this company, and yeah, BTW, if you Dear Bank Lady, just take thirty seconds to Google them you’ll see what’s going on. Then maybe your bank can flag this company or something so your other customers don’t get banged this way.

My only tiny consolation here is that it was hubby’s debit card that was used to make these fraudulent charges and not mine. I keep telling him to stop buying stuff online! Stop buying stuff online from companies you don’t know! Go to the damn store!  But no. I’m betting when he purchased his e-cig/vaporizer that’s when the card number was stolen. Me? I almost never buy anything online and on the rare occasion that I do I use PayPal. If the site doesn’t take PayPal they don’t get my money. Yes, that goes for lovely Amazon.com too. No, they don’t take PayPal.

So, I had to leave work and run to the bank and withdraw as much money as I could so that we can buy groceries. Once those transactions actually go through we’d have to wait up to 72 business hours to have the money returned to us. Today’s Friday and Saturday and Sunday are not ‘business days’ so that would have left us flat broke until at least Tuesday. Well, looks like at least one of those fraudulent transactions is stopped cold! LOL.  I wish it could be both but they weren’t open yet and the most I can get out of the ATM is $300.00 per day. Hubby will have to leave work early, go to the bank, get a new debit card, lodge a formal complain, and then we’ll have to wait for the money to be put back into our account.

Oh joy!

Well, at least Uncle Sam got his money. It’ll be a tight few days for us but we’ll make it. That makes us lucky because some of those lodging complaints on those sites did not catch the charges while they were still processing.

So watch your accounts closely. If you see TEE CHIP COM…get on the phone immediately!

Freakin’ jerks. I hate ’em.


2 thoughts on “Tee Chip Debit Card Fraud

  1. Wow! I never heard of that company either! I will keep a close eye on my accounts though. Thanks for the tip, and I hope it gets cleared up for you without too much aggravation. I know I was overcharged once and I had to physically go to the bank to do paperwork. What a pain!

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