Racism in America

This will undoubtedly be an ‘unpopular’ post.

So be it.

Back when I had the ‘old blog’ I made several posts in support of the inequalities in America.

I did!

I am a great supporter of Human Rights.

I am!

I believe the world should be colorblind!

I do!

This is my downfall. Yes, here in 2017 this is my Achilles Heel. Believing that every single person wandering around on Planet Earth should be judged by their character rather than merely on the color of their skin. I can’t help it, that’s what Society taught me as I was growing up. My parents, members of not the Baby Boomers, but of the Greatest Generation were sometimes at odds with my ‘hippie’ ways. I loved the both (they’re long dead now) but I formed my own opinions as I grew up and into the person I am today. In a lot of ways, my parents were “Archie Bunker”, but looking back, as much as the three of us gathered around the TV for ‘All In The Family’, even they knew “Archie” was outdated. I watched my own parents come to grips with their preconceived notions of ‘race’. Trust me, as a 4-10 year old that was freakin’ WEIRD. But, those were the times in which I grew up and came of age. The Civil Rights Era. The Vietnam War Era. The Women’s Rights Era. And please let’s not forget Kent State or the 1968 Democratic Convention.

These were the thing brought to me every single night on the ABC Evening News with my dinner.

If you’re younger than me and the only thing you have to cling to as a Life Changing Event is 9/11….yeah. You’re cute. You’re adorable. You’re a special little one (so say saith your teachers).

The following words in this post are dedicated to a very long time friend. Someone I love to pieces and who has made me sad beyond belief these last several months.

My friend wants me to understand that, in today’s Political Jargon, I have “White Privilege”.  Whatever the fuck that is past some made up concept by…well…here… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_privilege  judge for yourselves if the concept, at its core, is valid.

Personally, I believe it is not. It’s just some made-up BS, nothing more than a concept put forth by one person that’s been latched onto by a generation (and some of its predecessors who need a reason to feel ‘guilty’) that for whom the concept fits their narrow reasoning of why certain segments of the population can’t advance in Society and that’s  why they’re ‘targeted’ by other certain segments of the population.

Hey, ya know.

Ok, so…coming back to my and my longtime friend.

I love her to death, please don’t misunderstand that fact and she has some valid points to make but…she’s a Zealot.

I hate Zealots no matter what cause they take up.

I’m just a YT a #000000 as far as she’s concerned. Because she’s #fffffff and I’m just #000000

That what she posts!

Hey, darlin’, if that’s the case she might as well nut-up and post words like ‘cracker’ and ‘honky’ and, yes, ‘whitey’ on her posts rather than trying to subliminally  hide what she’s saying. Put it out there. Say IT.

But don’t ever forget that this YT, from the ‘elite’ State of Connecticut, this Scot/English/Irish German, Native American, Portuguese chick, MARRIED a Filipino, Russian, Turkish, Jewish, Native American, Cajun/French boy from New Jersey.

Please, don’t ever forget that my darling husband whom I love beyond belief is seen by others by nothing more than ‘Asian’ even those he’s actually Pacific Islander! LOL Throughout his life as a 100% American Citizen has been called; Gook, Chink, Chinaman, and so many more lovely things by “Americans” who, for whatever reason, believe they’re better than him. Don’t for one second forget the horrible thing *I’ve* heard in relation to my husband when others didn’t think I was listening. For fuck’s sake, don’t thing for one millisecond, upon hearing such bullshit, I didn’t get my “Irish Up” and put those fucktards in their place.

Hey, what can I say? On July 17, 1984 I got dragged down to Ocean Beach by Cris DaCosta after several weeks of moping around because a 2 year relationship broke up. I was WINNING at an arcade game when she pulled me away so that she could piss-off Nancy-What’s-Her-Face by walking up to him. I stood there, disgruntled, then he looked down at me and said; “Who’s your friend”?

I looked up at him.


Wow! It’s YOU! That was my very first thought because I was thunderstuck just looking into his eyes. His ethnic background mattered not.

I knew I’d be with him for the rest of my life.

We weathered a lot of storms and put up with a lot of shit outside what is Universal to Everyone.

You know things like;

What’s she doing with him?

Do you know the kind of mixed babies they’ll have!?

He’s just a Flip! Get her away from him!

Minor Case In Point; the day, before we had any kids, we walked into Leisure Sound. He went his way and I went mine as we searched for a ‘boom box’ (yes we are thatt fucking old!) I found one before him, well, ya know, cuz he’s a musician and was looking t PA equipment! I brought the boom box to the check out counter and heard; Look at the fuckin’ gook, what does he think he can buy in here? Look that the guarder on his leather jacket, who does he think he IS!

I put the boom box on the counter and said; That’s my husband. That’s my guarder. You know, from our wedding. Any more questions?

They shut up faster than I could take the boom box off the counter and shout across the store; Hey! Honey! Let’s get out of here.

Admittedly, I felt a bit like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”: You work on commission, right?

And so on and so on and so on over the course of our entire relationship including so-called ‘cousins’ of mine who felt perfectly free to stand up and tell my mother why I shouldn’t marry him. How I could ‘do better’ based solely on the fact that I’m ‘white’.

You know, people I hadn’t even laid eyes on in a decade or more.

Fuck them.

33 years later…we’re still here. Still standing strong.

My long-time friend forgets that I’ve been in an ‘inter-racial’ marriage for those 33 years. And I’ve heard every single reason why I shouldn’t be in  one from the mundane to the totally cruel. But I’m still here. He’s still here. We still love each other. I still bore him two beautiful daughters who are now 31 and 25. Good, bad, indifferent, we’re still plugging way…together. Side by side.

I look at my long-time friend’s post and IMs and I think but never ask; How many people outside of your own race have you had to ovaries to simply go out with, just once?

I don’t ask only because I’m fairly certain the answer is: Never.

I look at those posts and wonder what she’s trying to accomplish by making enemies out of people who would otherwise line up to be her allies.

Therefore, as much as she rails and baits me, I know that she has never and will never face the kind of ‘racism’, ‘prejudice’, ‘bigotry’, that we have. She only comes at the problem from her own narrow perspective. When one can only see 50,000 pixels of a 1, 000,000,000,000,000 picture then ones vision is skewed.


When believing that the entire Universe comes down to nothing more than Us or Them you better be sure you got your reasoning right.

It DOES come down to Us or Them but not based on race or skin tone.

Not at all.



After all, the closer you are the less you see. So step the fuck back.

Don’t Pit Me Against You on the basis of our pigmentation.

We are so much more than that. I know some people don’t want to understand that. That they don’t want to have to face the simple fact that the really important things in life are universal. They belong to all skin tones and ethnicity.

If we don’t come to grips with that much larger ideal…that fucktards win.

Think Big or Go Home.

That’s the message the universe is sending.

Heed it or….well….be just another cog in a wheel of propaganda.

It’s up to you.






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