Pepsi vs. The “American” SJW

Yeah, this white ‘privileged’ middle-aged American female titled this post like that.

So…you should know what you’re in for. Read further at your own risk.

First and foremost, as a preface to this post, I’m one of the last people to say that ‘racism’ doesn’t exist in the USA. I’m not blind. In my old blog I talked about it several times and railed against it. I grew up in the 70s, a time where everyone was taught to be ‘colorblind’. So I am. I have no problem with that or the fact that whatever COLOR or sex someone is…in the utter end…we ARE ALL HUMAN.

However, here in 2017, I’m given to understand, via the Internet, that my upbringing was wrong. I should see COLOR way before CHARACTER.

That’s not to say that I agree with such notions just that this is what Social Media and The Internet would like me to believe.

Going onward….

Pepsi Cola (not my favorite brand…in the end I’m a Coca-Cola Girl at heart!) came out with a very short-lived new advertisement for their product. Those of you in my age group might remember that Pepsi was, at least once, The Choice of a NEW Generation.

I wanted to post the ad here so you could see just the ad. I wanted you to actually WATCH it with clear vision if that was possible. As you watched it, I wanted you to keep in mind that I am really NO FAN of Kendall Jenner, anyone ever even remotely associated with the Kardashian Clan, or for that matter, ANYONE who rides their daddy’s coattails to fame without having anything else to back them up.

BUT…after a bit of searching I cannot find JUST THE AD anywhere. I can find lots of commentary on the ad and lots of comments written on the ad but not solely the ad as it was intended to run on its own. SO…I hope YOU actually saw it.

IF YOU can find it, just as produced without any BS attached…for the love of any God you might believe in (or not! Whatever.) PLEASE post the URL in the comments section.

Any-hoo, I got to see it run ONCE…on its own…on TV…as intended by Pepsi.

I saw it during early morning TV just before this craptacularly overblown shitstorm erupted.

When I saw it, along with my hubby over our morning coffee, we both looked at each other, gave a smile, and nodded our approval to the ad.

Granted it wasn’t going to make us want to BUY more Pepsi but we immediately understood the message behind the ad. Basically that message is something like; Unity and Healing begin, not with weapons of war, but with ya know….

To me, a fifty year-old white ‘privileged’ American female, who was taught by the ‘media’ that it was substance and not skin color that mattered, when I watch that Pepsi ad my memory is immediately harkened back to things like

Those images are MY reality.

Truly, honestly, I’m sorry if they’re not YOURS.

So when Pepsi came out with its latest ad what I saw, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ depending upon your own POV was

and even

(Coke rip-offs to be sure!)

But, what I saw was message of Hope and possible Unity.

I’m sorry that the SJWs of the Twitter-Verse were so narrowly focused they couldn’t see the Big Message. I’m even sorrier that Pepsi pulled the ad and apologized to these individuals who wouldn’t know what to do with themselves and their lives if they couldn’t find something…ANYthing…to be offended about.

It was a good message and one that needed to be shouted from the rooftops even if it was just for selling more cans of Pepsi. Maybe if it had been a PSA such as this

People would have more readily understood.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’m sick and tired of living in place/time/country where people are so easily offended and believe so much in their own damn opinion they can’t see beyond the tip of their own noses anymore.

The further you step back the more of the picture you see.

And it’s HUGE freakin’ picture. You know like Hubble Telescope and Google Maps MASSIVE.

Perhaps people should keep that in mind before they spout off on Social Media and perhaps the ‘media’ should keep that mind before they report on it and perhaps companies should keep that in mind before they decide to kowtow to what amounts to nothing more than vociferous special interest groups.

Just a thought put forth by this middle-aged, white, working class, American female.

That’s all.

As a PEOPLE, an ENTIRE GROUP, we can be easily distracted by the Small Picture..the pixels….and totally ignore the big one. You know, the picture in which we ALL (race, color, religion, creed, sex, orientation included!)

A very simple yet crucially meaningful truth.

That’s what that stupid Pepsi ad was trying to tell you.

If you saw it and understood the message…good for you! You should automatically advance to the next level of life.

If not….Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass ‘GO’, Do Not Collect $200.00.

To obscure of a reference?

Oh….here let me help.


In the end, the best all of us can do is

So do you want to be part of the solution or part of the problem?

Being part of the problem is easy! All you have to do is look out for you.

Being part of the solution demands that you look far beyond yourself to the Whole Picture and that is difficult.

Still…ball’s in your court.

So….(Lord of the Rings quote coming)

What are ya gonna do now, Wizard?

Nut up or shut up and for the love of all the Gods…pick up the damn pace!


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