Tiny Reflections from a Lowly YT on Why Trump Won

For those of you who don’t know ‘YT’ in some circles = ‘white’ BUT if you actually sound it out it’s ‘whitey’. Take that however you want. Do with it whatever you chose.Agree with me or not, my best advice to people who use ‘YT’ should probably take the other nano-second to type ‘white’ if they don’t mean ‘whitey’.

Just a suggestion.

I know, it don’t mean much.

Now, on to today’s post.

I went to Dollar General after work to pick up some soda and pet food. I do this several times a month either at Dollar General or at Family Dollar.


They’re both on my way home!

For the umpteenth time I was treated like I didn’t even exist simply because my skin tone didn’t match that of the person behind the register or those in line.

I can only with that was a joke or an exaggeration.

Look, I’ve been a cashier. Yeah, no joke, I have! I’ve also been a Chamber Maid (sexual harassment abounds!) and held other sorts of non-skilled menial jobs dealing with the Public. I know what dipshits The Public can be. No matter their color, their gender, their creed, or income level. However, then, as today, I have managed to treat each and everyone the way *I* wanted to be treated.

You…yes you…reading this…can you say the same?

I may have come HOME and bitched to High Heaven about THEM…BUT…”in the moment” I managed to smile and say ‘have a nice day’ (even though admittedly several times I made that phrase sound eerily similar to ‘fuck you’). I still looked each and every one of them in the eye and did my best to give them the respect with which I wanted to be given. Even when they answered their hotel door room NAKED with a hard-on inviting me to spend my lunch hour with them because they were sure they could show me ‘a really good time’.

OK, so I looked at that dick, looked them in the eye, looked back at the dick and said; “Sorry, I think that’s impossible.” And went on my merry way.

Yes, I did. You nice folks out there who actually KNOW ME…you know I DID. I also got a very nice tip and an apology note when that person checked out of the hotel.

So, when I go to Dollar General or Family Dollar to spend my very hard-earned money, I don’t expect a lot. Not much at all, but I do expect to be treated with a modicum of respect. When I say; “Hi, how are ya?” as I’m putting my purchases on the check-out counter, I don’t think it’s too much to expect a; “Hi,” in return or to be looked in the eye. You don’t have to be “grateful” that I’m there but, as a customer who’s never done anything bad to you, it is appreciated to receive a smile.

BUT, the last several times I’ve gone to Dollar General and Family Dollar I’ve noticed a strange thing. Not only am I not treated as a person, I’m not looked in the eye. I don’t hear something as basic as “Hi, how are ya?” in return to my smile and words of the same.

Instead I’m looked over and not even spoken to. It’s as though I don’t exist and I can’t help but think it’s merely because I’m a YT. Yep, that means the person behind the counter 1) hasn’t been properly trained to do their job and 2) they’re pushing their own preconceptions off on ME…someone who’s never done anything nefarious to them.

Yet, in my shopping experiences, I have noticed that the person behind me or in front of me does obviously ‘exist’ as they’re smiled at by the cashier, they’re spoken to in their ‘native’ language’ and/or the cashier just is too busy with their phone to notice the lowly YT in front of them.

So I won’t shop at Dollar General or Family Dollar any longer.

Hey, it’s MY money and unlike ‘Claire’ I WORKED for it. I’ll spend it at places that acknowledge my meager existence.

Bottom line….you want respect? Treat others they way you want to be treated.

There are far too many people out there of every race and creed with audacity to call themselves ‘American Citizens’ who have forgotten that simple fact.

When YOU are MET with RESPECT….return the favor. Realize that us folk of a certain income level are all in the same boat.

Or, face 8 years of Trump and his ilk running rough shod over ALL of us.

The choice is yours.




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