Day & Zimmermann=Wicked Retards

I made a nasty blog post (you can read it here and I left a less-than-stellar FaceBook review on Monday for a really crappy company who couldn’t pull its head out of its ass simply because it would never the know the difference between Shit and Sunshine.

You may say: What is she talking about?

Well, please, let me explain.

Some helmet wearing window licking undeserving employee at Day & Zimmermann (Day Zimmermann a/k/a Day and Zimmermann) took a LOT of TIME on the “Company Dime” to research ME.


Yeah…retarded asshole.

Oh, you don’t like that phrase? It offends you? Too bad. So sad. Click out now because I guess you don’t live in New England, you know, the place where like EVERYTHING in the COUNTRY REALLY STARTED and we don’t Fear Words.

Any-hoo…YOU…You adorable little f’tard at DZ who I hope is paid to do Damage Control, I saw you, you darling little window licker. I saw you come in time and time and time again to this very blog. I did! You came in from your own PERSONAL (terribly overrated and oh so ostentatious) iPhone from the ISP belonging to Dominion Virginia PowerΒ  (Oh, does Dominion OWN Millstone? Yes, I believe it does.) I think one (or two if you count the number of times they hit in from their actual DESKTOP WORKSPACE) ISP# might possibly be

Yes I see you just as much as you see me.

How’s it feel?

I also see that if you are NOT paid simply to do some form of Damage Control for D&Z then you’re one of the most miserable pathetic little life pissants on the planet. Believe me, in my nearly 30 year on the Internet, I’ve come across a shitwad of pissant, f’d up little Trolls…and never hesitated to lay them low as publicly as possible. I welcome the tiny little challenge you believe you have to offer me.

I do this simply because of the fact that you actually went out of your way to SIGN ME UP for a Glassdoor account. Wherein you gave your shitty company a stellar review under my name!

I imagine you went to my FB account, where I left the original ‘review’, and even though it’s ‘Friends Only’ you managed to get the ancient email account I use to sign in with FB. Yes, this is an email account that hasn’t been used in YEARS. So, even though it may have been easy for you to obtain, that simple fact that tells me YOU SPENT WAY TOO MUCH TIME and MONEY on your employer’s dime TRACKING ME down. Seriously, don’t you have a life? Don’t you actually have something to do? Are you so pathetic and miserable in such desperate need of exercising power you’ll NEVER have that you’d spend hours tracking ME?


But….Yeah, I canceled that account.

I put a REAL review in its place.


I know YOU’RE out there. I know you wanna step to me you pathetic little POS….my best advice is to check yourself before you wreck yourself. I got no problem taking you down….you…in the PHYSICAL WORLD.

I can’t wait to see what this low-testosterone Viagra-needing-worm comes up with next. It’s been so long since I had some limp-dick (or, you know, all Things Be Equal..some old low estrogen hag) to play with.

Should be so much fun!

Game On.




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