Day & Zimmerman


If you don’t like it; pucker up and get ready to kiss my fine dimpled white ass.

Or…you know…click the hell out now.

Your choice.

You’ve been warned.

Proceed at Your Own Risk or again…pucker up buttercup.

Ok, so out there in the vastness of the World there is a teeny tiny company called  Day & Zimmerman (

As I said itis  a GREAT BIG WORLD…”Yuge!” (according to the Orange One)

But this particular company appears to believe the entire World revolves around IT and not that big flaming ball of gas in the sky us Lowly Mortals call The Sun.

Example: I was sick with The Flu last week. I managed to pull myself together enough to go into my job for 3 hours on Wednesday. I checked everything. I caught up on everything. I posted payments. Checked e-mail. Made new Union ID cards and books before my boss looked at me and said; Get the fuck out of here!

I didn’t take it personally. My boss is about to have a total knee replacement. The last thing he needs is what I still have..after 10 days, yep, I still got it. If you were to talk to me on the phone you’d end up confused by the hoarseness in my voice.

(I’m almost glad…yeah scratch that…I’m totally glad we’re under “Blizzard Warning”)

So, I did my Duty. I went into work today. I tamed the shit-storm because, well, I’m Cool like-that.

Then I start sifting through the utter bullshit from Day & Zimmermann. I have no clue why these people have jobs. They’re so incredibly inept at absolutely  every single aspect of their jobs that 1) I’m totally AMAZED the they haven’t blown up the Millstone Nuclear Power Station! And 2) I wonder what the qualifications are to hold any job under that employer. No, seriously, I do and have for the last FIVE years.

Who hired these idiots?

Whoever it was they surely didn’t go through the Trial by Fire Vetting Process that I’ve been through time and again, job after job. Which can only lead me to one conclusion: The entire company is made up of nothing more than ‘snowflakes’.



I’ve been sick this last week. I went to work on Wednesday  (March 8tth 2017) for about 3 hours because that’s all I could manage before my boss SENT me home.

I slept  Wednesday .

Hell…I slept the rest of the week!

I pulled myself out of bed today, Monday March 13, 2017 and went in to do my job. I discovered that my boss (computer illiterate as he is!) did his absolute best to cover for me AND to supply the Millstone Power Plant a/k/a Day Zimmermann with the men/members they decided they didn’t need for March 20, 2017 BUT, rather for March 14, 2017.

Did I mention there’s an impending blizzard OR the fact they’re supposed to give us 14 DAYS notice before requesting man power? You know, under the Agreement  with Building Trades they signed?

Well that doesn’t matter.

Who cares?

BTW, according to Day Zimmermann….you better work your ass off to fulfill our NEEDS!

I’m so hoping those fucking retarded asshole….die.

(Oh! did I utter a ‘bad word’ or two?)

Just die.

That’s all.  DIE in whatever manner seems best for you!

So I went into work today and sifted through the many things I had to catch up on…you know, things that didn’t include Day Zimmermann. Cuz, there’s more on my plate than just THEM No that they could ever understand such a simple concept.

Then I got to THEM.


As I sifted through their utter crap I actually found myself wondering just WHY they have a ‘Union Contract’?

Looking back on the absolutely shitty track record of Day & Zimmermman I wondered why the New England Regional Council and even the International Brotherhood of Carpenters even THINK of keeping them.

If it were just little ol’ ETHICAL me in control. I’d look them dead in the eyes and ask them; What makes YOU think you’re worthy of being a contractor/employer of such skilled people?

Hey, baby, if you can’t get your fucking head out of your ass… ain’t worth the shit your smelling.

That’s just me.

Just me.

Nobody else but me.

The air I breathe is pure and fresh.

Why is that?

Just a question from a lowly secretary.

Like it, lump it, love it, leave it.






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