On Being a “Dwarf”

So, since I went to 40 hours a week my responsibilities at work have really picked up. I’m no longer the ‘little secretary’ (though some of the members would not agree with that statement) I’m officially the ‘Executive Assistant’….not that I got a raise or anything to go with that title. 🙂

Earlier this week, we switched from DSL to Broadband…yeah! We made it into the 21st century!

Sort of.

My computer worked fine after the switch, everyone’s cell phones and the boss’ computer….not so much. Since I’m the closest thing to ‘IT’ that we have within ready distance it fell to me to fix the problem. Well, part of the problem turned out to be that after the guys from Atlantic Broadband left they didn’t unplug the DSL modem and things were getting screwed up. I worked and worked and worked on the problem all day yesterday and couldn’t figure out why! Then, I dropped my pen, I bent over to pick it up and saw the old modem was still plugged in.


Unplug that. Get rid of it.

Woot! Cellphones work!

Boss’ computer still wouldn’t go online. I tried everything and the damn thing wouldn’t even ‘see’ our new wireless network. He has this stupid little USB stick in the back of his computer to pick up the wireless signal. I said to him; “Don’t you have a wireless card? Why do you even need that thing?”  So he called the ‘real’ IT guy and…well…no, his computer doesn’t have a wireless card! I swear IT guy brings the junkiest crap he can find way in the back of the store-room whenever he comes here. You should see what he did to our brand new TV!

Never mind.

Any-hoo, Boss went and bought a new stick today. That was as far as he got then it was my job to set it up.


I throw in the disc, I follow the directions. I get everything going up to the point where it asks me to ‘push the plug and contact’ button on the router.


I come into my office, I look at the new router. All I can see is one single button and it’s clearly marked ‘wi-fi on/off’.  That can’t be it.

I wander back into his office and tell him I can’t find it. I tell him about the on/off button.

“Did you push it?”


“I’ll push it,” he says and gets up and goes into my office.  I wait at his desk to see if anything happens. Then I hear him laughing from my office before he says; “Hey! Lis? Anything now?”

“Yeah! It’s working! What’d you do?”

(Please note he’s probably the least computer literate person on the planet!)

“I pushed the button.”

“The on/off button?”

He’s still chuckling, “Nah, come here.”

So I wander back into my office to see him standing there grinning from ear to ear standing next to the router which is on top of the filing cabinet and I knew exactly what happened; “The damn button is on the top, isn’t it?”

He nodded, looked down at me and said through his big smile; “You’re like a dwarf.”

My boss is 6’3 bordering on 6’4. Me, I used to be 5’4 but probably not anymore.

“Thanks,” said I.

“Aw, don’t feel bad,” he grinned, “Look I brought chips and salsa today, here I’ll make nachos to help you feel better.” Then he patted me on top of my head and laughed again.

Oh well, his computer works now and the nachos were good so….square deal. 🙂



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