Bye-Bye Miss American Pie

Well, it’s Inauguration Day here in the Good Ol’ USA. Since this blog is open to the public I’m going to make a mild post and save my no-holds-barred opinion for the private blog.

Why is that, Moonie? Are you afraid?

Of what?

Decreasing book sales?

I suppose I could be if I still cared about book sales. Not that a whole ton of people out there ever paid full price for my books. So no, that’s not it. I now have a really good paying full-time job that’s not dependent upon whatever happens over the next four years.

I hope those of you reading here can say the same.

If not, well, I hope you didn’t vote to put the country in The Dumpster.

If you did….geez Louise and Billy-Bob! I hope you can tell the difference between “Obamacare” and the Affordable Care Act!

There isn’t one.

Seriously? No way! Awww…you’re funnin’ me!

Personally, even though I have secondary coverage under the ACA (yes, secondary coverage) I’m waiting to see what happens there…with bated breath. I really am. I have a feeling it’s going to leave me rolling in the aisles. But hey! Who knows? I could be pleasantly surprised and the sun may come up as a YUGE purple ball in the sky. The moon could permanently turn bright orange and remain full forever.

Not likely.

Really? Bummer.

I admit it, I didn’t watch one single nano-second of ‘news’ coverage of

Nope. Hey man! I had to WORK! Even though it was streamed live on my FaceBook feed I shut down every single one of them and said I didn’t want to hear from them ever again. I figured, that’s my small protest….not giving The Dumpster the ratings he so insanely craves.

I did see pictures of his wife, our new First Whore. Wow! Did she look frumpy or what? BUT it was nice to see her in clothes. That much I can honestly say. But comparing the Mail Order Bride to Jackie Kennedy? Well, show me the nude pics of Jackie then we’ll talk. She’s got no class. But, as one of my FB friends posted (who also happens to be a cousin that I haven’t laid eyes on in 30 years) The country is finally getting their ‘Ferrari’. It’s old. It’s busted. It’s chock full of bondo and has been driven around more blocks than a NASCAR but, hey! A little putty, a little paint, will make her what she ain’t.

And you call yourself a ‘feminist’?

Me? Fuck no! Baby, I’m a realist with very high expectations. Feminist? Not so much. But you can try all day long to put lipstick on a family of pigs and at the end of the end they’re still


That goes great with brown sugar….put slices on a cookie tray, sprinkle with brown sugar, slide in the oven at 400 degrees…bake for 15 minutes….deeee-lish-ous!

But I digress…not too far.

The Orange One ran on a platform of ‘draining the swamp’. Which was cute, really it was. Now he’s filling ‘the swamp’ with his cronies and people totally unqualified for the positions he’d trying to put them in. People who are billionaires like himself and who made their fortunes not wanting to recognize what was going on in the Real World or pay, ya know, a fair wage.

The people who fucked YOU and laughed about it! They’re in charge.

People wanted an ‘outsider’ but were so delusion as to not realize The Dumpster is NO outsider. He never has been and he never was. He wasn’t a politician, that’s true, but that doesn’t make him an ‘outsider’. This is a ‘man’ who, when he wasn’t declaring bankruptcy and doing his best at tax evasion, made his  fortune off the backs of the working stiff. You know…people like you and me. Us Little Folk. The ones who really footed the bill that made him so ‘successful’. He didn’t care about You…or me…then and he won’t give a rats ass about Us over the next 4 years.

He wants to Make America Great Again!

Then he maybe he shouldn’t have been part of the Billionaire Boys Club that flushed it down the toilet in the first place!

But his supporters don’t care about that.


We now have a part-time President for whom the Presidency is a step down from his current/former position and he’s loaded his Cabinet with unqualified people. He bitched, whined, moaned, and complained about ‘a rigged’ election…what he neglected to tell you delusional folks was that it was rigged in is favor and he knew it all along.

Now I’m just going to sit back and watch and wait to see how long it takes the minority…yes, the minority because that’s the number of folks who put him in the White House…to admit they’ve been duped. Suckered. PT Barnum’d.

But I don’t expect them to have that much integrity. Still…it’ll be fun watching the downward spiral of what was ONCE a ‘great’ country. Watching Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid be gutted. Watching Veterans benefits be stripped away as all those folks are told to Get a Job! Watching Women’s Rights go by-the-by as we’re all grabbed by the pussy and told to grin and bear it. Watching Abortion and Birth Control be stripped away because of Religious Nut Jobs that can’t see past themselves. Of course, watching the children forced to be born go hungry, without medical care, and without a proper public education because…Grizzly Bears!

It’s true; There Are None So Blind as Those Who Will Not See.

Have wandering around in the pitch dark for the next four years.


Moonie! Why are you so angry? Isn’t time for America to come together and rally around behind the new President?

Here…my darlings…is one of my very favorite recordings from Donny Dumpster’s life because it directly effected ME and MY little corner of the USA.

Yeah…suck on that. The words uttered from the Don Corleone of our time as he tried to stop progress in MY area in favor of HIMSELF. No, he doesn’t like to ‘compete’, not at all. He loves the ‘rigged’ system so long as it’s rigged in his favor.

Not ALL Americans ‘look’ the way people like Donny want them to but they’re still Americans.

Oh yeah, and their casinos are still operating and employing hundreds if not thousands of people as they continue to grow and expand.

Donny’s Atlantic Casino….closed. Kaput.

That’s what he’s going to do the rest of us who don’t fall in line with his bullshit. But hey, whatever, studies have shown only 35% of people have a spine.

You other 65%….get what’s coming to you.

Have fun with that.




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