The BEST Day of MY LIFE!

I’m not kidding! Today was the BEST DAY of MY LIFE!

I got in to the remains of the Norwich State Hospital with Carte Blanche. No shit!

I’m so jazzed I’m going to have to take a seriously hot bath in sage steam to come down from today.

Here….look at these…


img_4836 img_4840 img_4841 img_4842 img_4843 img_4845 img_4846 img_4848 img_4849 img_4851 img_4853 img_4855 img_4857 img_4858 img_4859 img_4860 img_4862 img_4863 img_4864 img_4865 img_4866 img_4867 img_4868 img_4870 img_4876 img_4877 img_4878 img_4880 img_4881 img_4883 img_4884 img_4885 img_4887 img_4890 img_4892 img_4896 img_4897 img_4898 img_4900 img_4901 img_4903 img_4905 img_4906 img_4907 img_4908 img_4912 img_4913 img_4914 img_4915 img_4916

And I came away with….


These souvenir among others



Do you know what the rusted hunk of metal is?

I do.


It’s a FUSE from the electro-shock room!

Hell yeah it is!

Here’s my new door mat


I couldn’t resist it when I saw it lying in the snow.

I brought home a brick, several “Christmas” ornaments and a…ball.



2 thoughts on “The BEST Day of MY LIFE!

  1. Wow good for you my friend! I’m almost jealous! I don’t know anything about the hospital but something tells me it’s comparable to our Ladd School in RI, which was also a state hospital at one time.

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