My Weekend

I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not but it snowed here! Over the course of Friday and Saturday we got anywhere from 8 inches to a foot of the fluffy white stuff. I’m not one of those people who complains about the snow because I love it, I’ll take a foot of snow over 90 degree weather any day.

It started coming down on Friday and by the time I got to work there was nearly an inch on the ground; no big deal. I’m now on 40 hours a week so I sat there and did my thing until it was time for the mail to show up. Since the secretary for the Painters didn’t come in I went and got it. I sorted through it. I bent down to slide two envelopes under their door and…threw out my back. Yep. I couldn’t believe it. I felt it tighten and pull. When I tried to stand up my lower back was locked. I walked around looking like I just got off a horse for the rest of the day right through Saturday.

Hubby and I decided to go to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. It’s always very good. We ordered French Onion Soup and the Porterhouse for Two. By the time we left my back wasn’t any better even though I’d taken half of a painkiller.  Since snow was coming we stopped at Shop Rite and picked up a few necessary things to settle in with; cannolis, cream puffs, chips, candy, milk, creamer, some soda, you know important things like that. Things like make a snowstorm enjoyable.  All through the store I leaned heavily on the cart to support my aching back. Halfway through the store hubby whispers in my ear; “You’re so slow you’re about to get passed by some dude in a wheelchair.”

Behind me I hear a snicker and then; “I’m not a dude!”

Hubby apologized and I whispered back; “At least I’m still walking.” It wasn’t by much but I was still walking! That person wasn’t in a wheelchair they were tooling around in one of those motorized carts. I would have felt really bad if I had been passed by someone in an actual wheelchair.

Anyway, we got home, put our stuff away. I went upstairs to continue my never-ending “Criminal Minds” binge on Netflix. All was well. Until about 3am when the dog decided he was going to poop in the living room and pee on the floor before letting anyone know he had to go out. That wasn’t fun.

Saturday came and with it the snow. It snowed all day long. My back hurt all day long. I took another painkiller–half in the morning and half that night. The dog loves the snow. He goes absolutely bonkers for it. So, all day, he was in and out and in and out and in out. He just adores burying his ball in the snow and then trying to find it. Try to get him to go in the rain and it’s a whole different story. I might be able to understand his love of the snow if he was a Husky or something but he’s a Boxer. His fur is not very long or thick. No matter how much he starts looking like a freezing neglected dog in an ASPCA commercial he will not come back inside until he’s forced to do so.

We had our snow day and hubby showed off his skills with the snowblower. He just loves that thing especially with the new sidewalks. He does our walk. He does the walks for some of the neighbors. We had dinner and I went upstairs to continue that “Criminal Minds” binge while he played his game. And, as always, in the wee hours of the morning Cai–the dog–decided he had to go out. I don’t usually get up with him at that hour, hubby does it, but hubby worked hard with his snowblower so I tossed the covers off and padded down the stairs in just my underwear only to be greeted by the distinct odor of poop.

Damn dog!

I opened the door and let him out. I threw the ball and he went after it. I picked up the poop. I sat on the couch a few seconds thinking; he loves the snow so this will take a little longer. Geez, I hope I don’t have to out there and get him.

I waited a bit and then I looked out the door and noticed the light hadn’t turned on. The light always comes on when he runs out there. I tried to see out the door then I walked into the spare room for a better look at the yard. No Cai.  I opened the door, I called for him. No Cai. Admittedly, it was my fault, at that hour we don’t usually put the collar on him because he just runs out and runs right back in. But there was snow. And he loves the snow.

“Fuck!” I ran down to the basement to throw on a pair of sweats and a shirt, slid into my big snow boots and went out the back door trying not to fall on my butt in the snow with my bad back. The ball was in the small area between the driveway, house, and yard. That’s an area he shouldn’t be able to get to but there were little doggie footprints all over the place. I followed them out of the yard, down the driveway, and out into the street. “Shit!” I squeezed the ball hoping he would hear it and come to me. I called his name as softly as I could since I was out there at 2am! All is quiet. Every house is dark. Everything is covered in snow. It looks so peaceful. That’s the way it always looks just before the killer jumps out at you or lures you into his vehicle. Yep, all of those episodes of “Criminal Minds” started rolling around in my head. LOL I followed the footprints until they ended a few doors down but they just stopped. It was almost as if the dog got into the killer’s car. The ended halfway to one neighbor’s house who has a dog that Cai like to ‘talk to’ when he’s out there in the yard so I thought maybe he tried to go visit Jamie. On the other side of the street, right at the end of the footprints, is another house but I don’t know the new tenants. I just the guy who lives there drives a motorcycle.

I walked back to the house looking for return footprints and found none. I walked into the house debating whether or not I was going to clean off the car and go driving around the neighborhood looking for him. The roads were not in good shape. I took one more tour out of the house following the footprints, squeezing the ball, and calling out his name.

The door on the house across the street and two down opened. I wasn’t sure if I’d woken someone up and if the killer was about to ask if he could help me. 😛

“This your dog?”

It’s 2am, in the cold and the snow, I turned around to see his silhouette and I actually asked; “What kind of dog is it?”

“Boxer, I guess, he just showed up at my door so I let him in.”

Cai decided to go visiting strangers. How nice. He made a friend. The guy did not sound very happy to know someone was looking for the dog he’d just taken in from the cold–ya know, like one of those dogs in an ASPCA commercial.

As Cai comes running across the street I find myself wondering what this guy, nice as he seems to be, is doing up at 2am that he would see Cai sitting at his front door and let him in. “Thank you, that was very kind of you.”

“You live around here?”

I grab Cai by the scruff of the neck, “Yep, right there.” I don’t want to stand out there and talk to the guy–no matter how nice he may be– so I start walking towards the house.

“He seems like a nice dog.”

“Yeah, yeah, he is, thanks again. Sorry he bothered you.”

I get the dumb dog in the house and lock everything up. I go upstairs. Hubby wakes up. I tell him what happened. Cai spent the rest of the night in his crate.

Hubby gets up this morning, put the collar on the dog, lets the dog out and….No Cai.

That kind of made me feel better. Even if I had put the collar on Cai last night it wouldn’t have worked. The thing needed a new battery and some futzing. It’s working now! I took Cai out there and tossed his ball past the line, he ran to get it and the collar started beeping. He knows what that sounds means and he wouldn’t go past it.

Hopefully we’ve put an end to his roaming which will lessen the chances of me ending up on an episode of “Criminal Minds”. 😉



2 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. I hope your back is feeling better. It takes a while to feel better with therapy and longer without it! I have to “walk it off” if I can’t get therapy and that sucks!


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