Still Buying Green Bananas

That’s something my grandfather would say whenever asked him how he was. He’d always say he was still buying green bananas. That meant he figured–no matter what was going on– he’d keep living long enough to see them ripen and to enjoy them with his Corn Flakes.

So even though I’m still job hunting and Miss Rebecca moved back into the house on Friday, I too am still buying green bananas.  Yes, she moved back. No, she doesn’t have a job. Yes, she’s still pregnant. No, she hasn’t managed to actually get any ‘assistance’ but she’s ‘trying’. I don’t know what to do here anymore but, so far so good but it’s only been just over 72 hours so…..time will tell. But I haven’t wanted a drink so that’s good. I refuse to let her drive me to the edge of insanity yet again.

Yes, I’m still job hunting. Under these circumstances I better find a damn good job right quick! Soon there will be four of us to support and 18 hours a week at my local fancy-but-cheap-paying college ain’t gonna cut that.

The one thing I am doing absolutely and solely for myself is that I’m not letting my books slide off into Oblivion. Over the weekend I spent a great deal of time putting a Kindle sale together just in time for Black Friday and to run through Cyber Monday. I figure Kindle is the only channel available to me now so I better make some use of it. No, I’m not expecting to get rich off my books….anymore. But, if they can find a new audience or get in touch with an old one then I’m all for it. After all, I was shocked when Kindle actually dropped about twenty bucks into my account at the end of last month. I had no idea my books were still selling there. I never check sales and I hardly ever check more than the balance when I look at the bank account. Twenty bucks. Without even trying. Maybe I can make sixty now! LOL!

Anyway, as I put this thing together I went over and checked out my little mailing list. Once it had been so large but every time I sent out a missive I lost people. So, as most of you know, I closed that mailing list and opened a new one. For the longest time I couldn’t get past eighteen members. I thought; well, eighteen people is better than no people.  But I didn’t feel it necessary to bother them with the news that the site had closed. Most of them follow my personal page on FB anyway so they knew. Imagine my surprise when I checked out my little mailing list and saw 142 members!

Then I laughed and laughed and laughed.

The last three blog hops I did turned out to be rather odd. They ran as they always do and all was well and good but during the first one when I checked out my site stats and saw all of those people flooding in for a silly little blog hop I noticed my link–and imagine every link associated with the hop–had been posted to some site called  So the hop was full of people just looking for something–anything!–for free. Gee, I wonder if most of them are in management positions at my job. 😛

I guess most of them entered the contest simply to win the $10.00 Amazon Gift Card and not a copy of my books. So for the next two blog hops I made mandatory entries which is something I never do. But, if they’re going to flood in off something like this not really caring about the books well then might as well make them work for it. I limited the ways to enter to two instead of the usual five. The mandatory entry was a scavenger hunt wherein I asked a question about the book I was giving away and gave them the link to the excerpt for the book where they could find the answer. The only other entry was to join the mailing list. Both of them were worth ‘5 points each’.

So those folks are about to get their very first newsletter from me! Seeing as how they really seem to love to get something for nothing they’ll be able to download four of my books/stories for free. All the rest are going up for Kindle Countdown Deals. I set the newsletter to be sent out fifteen minutes after the Countdown Deals kick. Free books kick at midnight (pacific time) November 23rd and Countdown Deals kick at 8am (pacific time) on the same day. Four of the books had to wait until the 24th for their Countdown Deals to begin because they were accepted a day later into the Exclusive program. If you’re on the list expect my missive to show up in your e-box right around 11:15 am eastern time. Hopefully they’ll buy something but even if they just download the free books it will help my ‘visibility’ go up on Kindle so others who’ve never heard of me before might have their interested nudged a bit. If you, dear reader, would like to help me out, go on over there and download the free books, you don’t have to read them if you don’t want to.

I managed to put the information and schedule on the remains of my web site which was nice. I’m making use of the tiny bit of space available to me and people do still come into the site here and there so that might be helpful.

Here’s what will be On Offer:

On a Hot Summer Night
FREE on Kindle November 23rd- 27th

Cold November Rain
Kindle Countdown Deal; November 24th – 30th starting price $0.99 regular price $5.99

Regret Me Not
Kindle Countdown Deal; November 24th-30th starting price $0.99 regular price $3.99

The Heart of War
FREE on Kindle November 23rd-27th

Child of War: A God is Born
Kindle Countdown Deal; November 23rd-30th starting price $0.99 regular price $5.99

Christmas Eve on Olympus
FREE on Kindle November 23rd-27th

Child of War: Rising Son
Kindle Countdown Deal; November 23rd-30th starting price $1.99 regular price $5.99

Women of War
Kindle Countdown Deal; November 24th-30th starting price $0.99 regular price $4.95

Kingdoms of War
Kindle Countdown Deal; November 23-30th starting price $1.99 regular price $5.99

FREE on Kindle November 23rd-27th

Sins of the Father
Kindle Countdown Deal; November 24th-30th starting price $0.99 regular price $5.99

Mysterious Ways
Kindle Countdown Deal; November 23rd-30th starting price $1.99 regular price $5.99

Prodigal Son
Kindle Countdown Deal; November 23rd-30th starting price $1.99 regular price $5.99


I even futzed around with ACX for the first time. That’s and threw “The Heart of War” out there, even contacted one narrator to see if he wanted to do it. I’m not sure how Audible figures royalties when they charge their customers a set monthly fee rather than charging by the audio book. It must be like what happens with Prime Membership; the author gets like half a penny for every ‘normalized page’ a Prime Member reads. So…no getting rich there but, well, if I can get it made it will be nice to be available in another format. With all the music and recording equipment my hubby has I should think I would be able to do it for free and upload my own files. It would be oodles of fun to get a small group of actors together to read the different dialogue parts. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to pay them but we could have a good time knocking it around.

Yes, I’m still here, still buying green bananas, still not drinking! Still hopeful for the future and that everything will turn out alright.



Indecision 2018

Geez, I miss Jon Stewart.

I really do.

I mean…I REALLY miss him. I used to love “The Daily Show”, he always made me laugh as he was making me think. To tell the truth, I haven’t watched it since the Limey took over. Seriously, a Limey? Nah. I, like a lot of other people, don’t take kindly to foreigners talking American Politics. It just doesn’t make any sense no matter how ‘good’ the Limey might be.


BUT, did you know, that at my job there is a person named ‘John Stewart’? LOL. No, seriously there is. Oh fine, it’s not spelled the same but still, every time I see him I just want to grab him by the collar, pull him close, and whisper in his ear; “I love your mom.” hahahahaha.

But then again, I’m old(er) I still very clearly remember Jon Stewart when he was on MTV back in Olden Days when MTV was ‘cutting edge’ and actually played music videos.

There it is for all to see and for you young ones to get an education. Yes, “Video Killed The Radio Star” was the very FIRST video ever played on MTV. How prophetic was THAT? LOL

So today is Election Day and, as always, I went and did my Civic Duty. So did my hubby, in fact, we went together bright and early this morning and we even waited in a rather lengthy line to do so.

I’m not here to tell YOU how to vote; that’s not my job. I’m just here to tell you that I DID vote and I sincerely hope you get out there and cast your vote as well.

All day long I’ve been hearing about how long the lines are to vote.

That’s a very good thing.

Win. Lose. Or Draw. At least people are getting off their asses (and, in my area, standing in the rain!) to vote.

People seem excited to vote in this mid-term election and I can’t blame them because I was as well. In fact, I’ve been looking forward to voting for months. I’ve also been looking forward to the END of all those political ads that make me toss my cookies every single time I see them which is about every 8.5 minutes—standard time for commercials breaking in to my favorite TV shows. And yours too.

I don’t know about you but I never pay any attention to political ads brought to me by some PAC. Especially NOT Change PAC.

I only pay attention–at least in the beginning of Political Season to those ads brought to me and paid for by the candidates themselves. The PACs are filled with a bunch of rich dipshits who’s only goal is to remain rich. There isn’t a single PAC out there that actually gives a shit about YOU or ME or anything other than themselves. So I just laugh at all of the money they’re spending to garner my vote. Yes, even as I’m yelling at the TV; “That’s bullshit you dumb MF!”

Trouble there is a lot of other people don’t understand that concept. They don’t ‘fact check’ anything and they’ll let their vote be swayed by some dumbass TV ad without ever even wondering why at the end of said ad the ‘deep voice’ says; This ad not endorsed by any politician. Paid for by _______”.

I feel bad for them. In the end, if I had my druthers, I’d have the entire country consider them ‘too stupid to vote’ if they can be so easily swayed.

Here in Good Ol’ Connecticut we’re voting for Governor.

According to the Change PAC ads our ‘lousy economy’ is all the fault of Dannel Malloy. LOL. One ad even states they we ‘were the jewel of New England, our taxes low, and our jobs high’ until Malloy came along. As if he was the first and only governor of Connecticut. Funny how that ad never mentions the damage republican Rowland did to the economy or how he went to jail and it never mentions Jodi Rell. It doesn’t even mention that it was a darling Republican, Lowell Wicker, who instituted the income tax to begin with.

Strange, huh?

No no no. According to Change PAC every single rotten thing that’s ever happened in the Great State of Connecticut is the fault of Dannel Malloy.

While that’s hilarious the problem is uneducated people will actually believe that. So they’ll go and vote on a pack of lies hand fed to them by people intent on keeping them down.

Bummer, huh?

Truth is Malloy inherited a shitstorm of troubles brought to him by the previous Republican Administrations.

But those voters won’t understand that.

I’m so glad I have a brain. I wish the others did too.

So I went and I voted a straight party line–I’d say that I ‘pulled the party lever’ but we don’t have levers here in CT anymore just little fill-in-the-dots ballots– even where it sort of killed me to do so which was only one place; Martha Marx. I don’t care for her. I think she’s a shitty, arrogant, egotistical bully. I don’t like Formica much either. Don’t get me wrong he runs a great Fish House but other than that….eh….not so much.

I voted for Joe Courtney with pride as always. I love Joe. I’ll never vote against Joe because I know his heart is firmly in the right place.

I voted for Chris Murphy because I think he’s doing a good job and I hated the ads his competitor was running, they were were stupid and quite obviously aimed as the lowest common denominator. Yes, Matthew Corey, Chris Murphy ‘moved his family to DC’. Duh. That’s where he WORKS. If YOU had to work outside of Connecticut, wouldn’t you move your family too so you could still be close to them? Most Senators do that. They have a ‘home’ in DC while keeping a ‘residence’ in their sate of origin. No big deal. Just business as usual. AND they have to keep a residence in their state of origin…it’s like a rule or law or something. 😛


But, again that’s what some people are counting on; the fact that others are too uninformed to go ‘Duh, dipshit, what else you got?’

I voted for Shawn Wooden because the Thad Gray was just an outright asshole. I mean, like, ICK!

I voted for William Wong because I really can’t stand Sue Hatfield’s ads. I think she’s the ‘bubbled headed bleach blond who comes at 5, she can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye’.

What? No Don Henley fans out there?

Let me explain

Sadly, in the end that’s all our election system amounts to anymore; who can dig up the most dirt on the other person.

So, yes, I voted the FULL Democrat ticket.


In the end, I fucking hate Trump. I still can’t believe he got elected. But then again I was alive and sentient in the 80s. I know what an asshole he is and how he made his money and how he stomped on anyone and everyone to get there.

He’ll stomp on YOU too.

He already did it and he continues to do it.

Case in point on a personal level; my oldest daughter can’t get ‘private health care’ because she had a ‘pre-existing condition’.

What condition?

Type 1 diabetes.

Not her fault.

Not my fault.

Not her father’s fault.

It’s simply a genetic condition.

She pays out of pocket for insulin, test strips, glucose meter, glucose kits and all the rest thanks to Dear Old Donny and the plethora of fucktards who don’t understand that their high blood pressure, depression, ED, fibromyalgia, DVT, arthritis, anxiety, and so many other things are ‘pre-existing conditions’.

Well, until they hit home and their health care costs skyrocketed.

Ooooo…too bad. So sad. Wish you realized you were sick before you voted.

But I was.

So I voted for US.

The better WE do as a Country the better off all of us are. That’s what those in ‘socialist’ countries realize and what we have yet to come to terms with.

Here’s looking forward to the Election Night Returns.

I hope we all do better than we did in 2016.