More New Things

What a day!

I’m pooped.

Hubby and I have been shopping since 9 this morning and we finished up a little after 1.

We sat and we thought and we made lists in our heads of the things we need to buy with the first half of our ‘new found money’ that I told you about earlier. We’re simple people, we don’t want much but what we want is important stuff that usually comes with a matching price tag. 🙂

Today we went around but turns around 9 am was too early as our first stop was going to be the Re-Store. We went to The Shack for breakfast and had a nice meal. We haven’t gone out for breakfast in ages. Then we went to the Re-Store looking for a washing machine. They only had 1. They wanted $300.00 for it.


Besides this is Memorial Day Weekend. This is the weekend the entire country has set aside to get up off its ass buy needed appliances for their homes and get everything they need to fix their backyards. Why we should we be any different?

We headed out to Lowes and found the parking lot packed. There we got; 6 pack fluorescent lights for the basement, 2 half-gallons Cabot deck paint, shower nozzle for the hose and deck cleaner.  As hubby was standing in line waiting for them to mix the deck paint I said; “I think I’ll go the garden center.”

Yeah, like I didn’t have enough plants already! LOL

BUT….there I found hanging baskets at the unbelievable price for 2/$9.00!  I could not resist so I didn’t try. Mostly there were impatiens but some coleus and upon very close inspection a few petunia. I got three impatiens and had to ask if the petunia was included. It was so I got it. I was also very happy and surprised to see Calla Lilies there for $7.00! I had wanted one from Home Depot but originally could not find it, on my second trip there I found them; $27.00! Yes, the pots were very nice but not that nice.

So I got a few new babies.

There’s Calla in her pot. They had dark velvet red ones too. I almost got two. Yeah, I know, I’ll probably go back and snag a red one at some not-too-distant point.

Two hanging impatiens in the front yard. I had forgotten the very thing I was telling myself in line as I was checking out a Lowes; impatiens like shade. I always try to put them in the sun and then wonder why they die. 😦  This time we moved the hooks back a few feet so they’re almost always in the shade of the house. You can’t tell but one is lavender and the other is a pink mix. Yes, I know, I need to cut my grass…again.

Impatiens for the deck. I love that stand.

There’s Petunia. With a little luck and tending it will grow nice and big with long arms full of flowers. Yes, I know, I still have two empty pots back there! Under the silver tarp is a load of branches and sticks for our little outdoor fire place.

After that we went to Bob’s and were thoroughly disgusted with trying on clothes. Not only are we old and fat now, which makes clothes shopping no fun at all, the materials are so thin and chintzy! I just want a few good pairs of blue jeans that actually made from real denim and nothing else. Is that so hard?

Second to last stop was Home Depot–packed lot again!– where we finally bought our washing machine. Grand total, including taking the old one away, $550.00.  Not bad when I consider I could have spent $1,000.00 on a freakin’ washing machine. AND, in all probability, this will be the last washing machine hubby and I buy. It’s a Samsung with a big open tub and three dispensers. I had ‘faved’ it on last week and that’s the one we got. It will be here on Thursday. We also got an AC for the bedroom. Ours died last year and neither of us can do summer without one anymore. Come mid-July we’ll all be living in our bedroom; me, hubby, Becca, Zoey, Charlie, and Mongo! Strange thing; Lowes and Home Depot had the exact same ACs…for the exact same price. Even the washing machines were like a measly $1.00 difference. These were exact. Weird. So we got a 10,000 BTU AC for the bedroom. Hubby insisted on the 10,000 thing. I just said; “Ok,”. I don’t know anything about these things so….

Last stop was PetCo where we picked up new balls for Zoey who seems very happy with them. One large one for outside and a smaller one for when she and I play at night in the bedroom.

Tomorrow we’ll take everything off the deck and hubby will wash it down while I cut the grass. After that, while it dries, we’ll finally dig those holes and plant those rose bushes. With any luck at all, on Sunday we’ll paint the deck and that project will be complete. Should look nice too. All pretty with its new paint and plants. Since we’re no longer smoking in the house having the backyard and deck teeming with growing things make its a nice oasis. I suppose there’s good in all bad, one day I really must thank the freakin’ idiots who have forced us to start smoking outside of our ow home. We haven’t enjoyed our deck this much in ages. Yes, yes, still a long story to come regarding those Disingenuous Cows and Freaks.

There’s one more note of good news. I got my statement from Unemployment today and we shocked to see they are going to send me $181.00 each and every week! That’s more than what I was making at my last job every two weeks as the hours decreased. So, I might not mind taking a good deal of the summer off.  It’s even more than Stop & Shop was going to pay me to work for them. That makes me feel better about turning down that job even though I really did want work there.

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of my day.



OK, So I Went A Little Crazy

But in a really good way this time!

I was out there this morning looking at the spot where I want to plant my rose bushes and realizing it doesn’t get as much sun as I thought. I was a bit bummed. I kept an eye out on the lawn and looked around for a new spot where 1-Zoey wouldn’t dig them up and 2-I’d still be able to mow around them. I didn’t have much luck so I turned my attention to potting up the new plants I bought yesterday. I dragged out my old pots and washed them up. I did some internet research and discovered the pots I had just might not be big enough for the tomatoes. So I looked around the house and found some old pots that belong to hubby. I sent him a FB message asking if I could use them.

He said; sure.

I told him; in that case, I might need more dirt.

He said; Get whatever you want to make this great!

Oh, he really should not have said that! LOL

So I jumped in the car and went back to Ye Olde Home Depot where I promptly went a little nuts. I got 4 more bags of Miracle-Gro potting soil….. 2 more peppers, 2 strawberries, 2 basil, 1 lemon thyme, 1 Greek oregano, 2 lavender and 1 new big pot. See, I already had 2 good sized pots for the tomatoes I just needed one more. The black pots of his I figured I could use 1 for the Patio tomato which isn’t supposed to need much potting space and the other 2 for peppers.

I came back home and started planting.

Then I went back out again when I realized I probably still did not have enough dirt. So this time I went to Job Lot and got 4 bags of potting soil. While I was there I noticed the seeds were 50% off so I got 1 pack purple Morning Glory, 1 pack Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, 1 pack Giant Moon Flower and 1 pack Velvet Queen Sun Flower.

See? I went a little nuts but I was so excited I just couldn’t help myself.

I have spent the entire day out in the sunshine. Can you tell?

Here is what I have accomplished today

Cucumbers are potted and, with any luck at all, they will grow up the deck railing for support.

From to back; 2 lavender, 1 rosemary (square pot) and 2 strawberries.  Yes, I have to find other places for them before someone trips over them but they’re good for now.

Herb box; basil on both ends with lemon thyme and Greek oregano in the middle.

This is the spot I picked for our tomatoes and peppers. I was going to put tomatoes on one side of the deck and peppers on the other but Zoey really loves to dig on the other side of the deck AND there’s a patch of grass there. Try as I did I just could not get the push mower or the weed whacker to start so I could at least cut that little patch down. So….they’re all growing together on one side of the deck.

Two of our pepper plants in the pots hubby was kind enough to let me use.

Two more pepper plants and tomato plants.

Three of the four tomato plants.

Then I turned my attention to those seeds

These are the Moon Flowers and Morning Glories….or they will be one day!

Sun Flowers (4 pots) and Pumpkins from our last Jack-O-Lanter (6 pots).

Then everybody got a good long drink of water.

I think it’s been a productive day!

Tomorrow…..those rose bushes. 🙂