Major Catch-Up

What a frickin’ whirlwind this last week has been!

Hubby finally had his third knee surgery–this time it was a partial replacement. Come mid to late July he’ll have a full replacement of the other knee. He’s doing well. Resting comfortably. We’re on the right bumpy track there.

Work is having a Delightful Treasures sale on June 12th. I know that because I made the flyer. 🙂

They were very happy with my flyer and they’re so excited to finally be able to get together in the bright sunshine that my boss, the Reverend, ventured the idea that they should invite me to sign copies of my books for the sale.

I was shocked to say the least. It came totally out of the blue as I was working on something else and it’s very difficult for me to shift gears so abruptly. At first I was, shocked like I said, very happy, but as I was getting excited I remembered that I only really have 4 books that one would consider ‘appropriate’ to sell at a church yard sale. That thought brought a bunch of others to mind such as; I’m not a church member, I’ve been in a similar situation before SO based on THAT…I didn’t want anyone thinking I was using my new job to sell copies of my books.

Initially, the Reverend seemed confused but the other person in the room understood the politics at work. I don’t want to step into that if I don’t have to.

A church member who is also a writer will be there selling her books and they thought having two….these are not my words, ok…..’well-known local authors signing their books’…might be a good draw.

It is.

Some people really go for that.

So I said ok but I wanted the blessing from someone higher up before plunging in.

I got it!

Oh crap!

Now what????


Ok. Ok. Ok. Breathe. It’s alright. Everything’s just fine.

I have to go with “Genesis”, there’s really no other option, I cannot bring “The Heart of War” to a church! I just can’t do it. Besides, it’s really good for a church, honestly, it is. It’s also the first book in the Sister Christian Series so, if someone buys it they may go on to read the other three books.

Which would be very nice.

So….His Majesty pumped me full of his determination and perseverance and over the next few days we gave “Genesis” a really good going over. I hadn’t been able to do that when the audio version came out because I wasn’t the narrator. I did do it through “Women of War”–which I still need to finish recording….someday. We reformatted the entire thing to bring the printing cost down, caught several baubles, and made a few expansions in some areas. It also got a new cover. All in just under a week!

You know, on top of the surgery and just Every Day Life which is never smooth for me, I don’t know about you.

It actually got an old cover. It did. I was futzing with covers when I opened an ancient folder and came across the very first cover I made for it. I spruced it up and put it out there.

That’s my mom, my childhood friend Leaf, and me.

I got matching promo graphics made.

I got the news out. I made a FB ‘event’ and a very very targeted FB ad, spread it out on Goodreads, Eventbrite, and my local version of The Patch.

Oh, yeah, and I made graphics for swag. Gotta have some free swag at these events. That way those who don’t buy a book can take either one of my handy-dandy bookmarks or magnet with my name and web address on them. You know, in case they should change their mind later.

Once it passes through Amazon’s final check I’ll order 15 to 20 copies to have on hand that day. Oh yes, I also got pre-orders up and running on my website. Pre-order now pay $10.00. Buy a book at the event and it’s $15.00

So, by the time this is over, I will have sunk a nice chunk of change into this event.

But that’s the way these things go. It’s all spec. All of it.

If nothing else, I’ll have a nice day sitting in the sun chatting with a fellow author and maybe some folks will stop by our table. It’s for a good cause, I decided that whatever I make over the cost of the books, I’ll donate to the Community Meals program the church runs. Not that it will be a lot of money but, with any luck at all, it will be something.

But, for me, the best part about all of this is that in the middle of all that rush-rush His Majesty keeps insisting that we finish “The First Sin” so that we can have a ‘Special Edition ARC’ at the sale!

It’s only about 3 chapters away now. If we really buckled down we could do it. We could finish it. Whether or not we could polish it up enough to equal an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) AND get it in time for the sale is anyone’s guess.

Yet, in his own very inimitable way, he just keeps laughing heartily as he reminds me that; What better place to launch this book than A CHURCH?

He has a wicked sense of humor.

As for myself, I think I’m taking the rest of the day off. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since Thursday. Maybe I can get a nap or just a little downtime.

I hope to see you at the Delightful Treasures Sale!