October Happenings

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Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year I started getting ready for it before the end of September. I never do that! Honestly, I don’t. I tend to wait until at least three weeks before Halloween to start decorating. BUT when we went into Lowe’s in the last week of September and were hit full frontal with a massive Christmas display as we entered I was pissed.

I like my holidays one at a time.

If Christmas is starting to encroach on Labor Day, I think Halloween can be pushed to the 4th of July.

So I hung out my stuff in the ever-growing pecan tree out front. That thing put off REAL pecans!!! It’s chockful of them!!! As I noticed yesterday it’s also the tallest tree on the street. LOL Not bad for a little dried up stick, hey?

I got 3 massive pumpkins from Aldi for 3 bucks each. I mean they’re just huge.

I’ve also got this Boo-K-Tober Indie Author Event happening on my site. I offered up the event early enough and it seems most people just didn’t understand. I even had one person ask me if this was going to be on Zoom and what did people without Zoom do, how did they take part in the event?

Oh bother.

Oh well….I managed to get 4 authors to participate which meant instead of a single day I could give each of them a week so that’s what I’ve been doing. One author dropped off the face of the Earth leaving me with a big ol’ empty spot. I moved one author up a few weeks and with little other choice took the anchor week for myself. Yep, there will be an Interview with Lucifer Morningstar for Halloween!!! ROFL


In the meantime, come and check out the event at www.lisabethdarling.com maybe you’ll find your new favorite indie author. I hope so anyway. We have a nice group, there’s Karen Schober with her sweet romance Chemical Attraction, Jonathon Wolfer with his YA paranormal romance The Pen & The Sword and Valerie Taylor with her mature chicklit romance What’s Not Said.

And yes, it’s October, that means I turned double nickles on the 4th! That means we celebrate. I try to do a big sale this time of year and I struggled with it this year after just coming off the depressing promo wheel. But, I thought; what the hell?

Yes, we do this trying to lure new readers and entice some old ones and, of course, to make sales but mostly we just do it for us. Because it’s fun and it’s tradition for us. We’ve done this for two decades. No reason to stop now.

All ebooks, including “The First Sin” are just ninety-nine cents on all retailers through Halloween. You can get “Obsession” and “Fifty Shade of War” FREE. Just visit the site for the info.

I struggled with giving away those two books! I did! I laughed and we laughed and laughed. “Obsession” is NOT for everyone. It has some really tough and violent scenes. That’s why we took it down to begin with. BUT it’s kind of the perfect Halloween book. So…read at your own risk. As to “Fifty Shades of War”….well…you have to hate that Other Book to truly appreciate this story. It’s a risky giveaway for any author but I had such fun writing it and it was so cathartic at the time that I have a very special spot in my heart for that story. It was only available for a very short time as a free read on my site. It has not been edited! If you love Ares and Alena and you have a good sense of humor you might like it. Again, read at your own risk.

I put up the info and did my best to get the word out. Hopefully some people get in on “The First Sin” (South of Eden) at least. For ninety-nine cents I think it’s worth it.

Those are my Treats for Halloween and I hope yours is filled with tons of costumed little ones knocking on your door.